Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sharon tagged me - Tues 11/25/08

Here in NW NC Appalachian Mtns, our snowy November continues today with another round of snow showers expected, and windy and cold conditions are forecasted.
Sharon tagged me, so let's see. Hmmmm
1) Since I'm an only child, yeah, I guess I like talking about myself. I have "only child" syndrome in that I'm very content being alone and entertaining myself. Never had any maternal instincts either - for human babies that is. If someone approached me with a human baby under one arm and a animal baby under the other arm, I feel emotion and reaching for the animal baby. I know that's weird to most people but... and get this, I grew up with my parents and a set of grandparents in the house so it was 4 adults, and me. I was allowed to always have one pet. My folks were cool about pets in the house too.
2) I have worked at the same place for 24 years, AppalCART, public transportation system for Watauga County, NC. A-P-P-A-L as in Appalachian Mtns.
3) Either my cooking has gotten a lot better or restaurant food has gotten much worse. I suppose it's both but I do wish restaurant food didn't taste so "prepared" as in prepared long before I arrived. I don't care about going out to eat that much, I just soon spend restaurant $$$ at the grocery store and go home and cook it up.
4) Mike and I have been married for 18 years. I was thinking the other day that MATCH.COM or any of those matchmaking places would not have put us two together because on paper I'd asked for somebody totally different, but GOD hooked us up, and we do pretty good. I think we're the only people that could put up with each other.
Funny - [This is pre-goats and without Mike's knowledge.] Our local radio station has a SWAP SHOP and I advertised that I was looking for Nigerian Dwarf goats. No more had they made the announcement, my cellphone rang to which I heard from Mike, "we're not getting any damn goats." Well, 5 days later I manipulated him once again, and we were on our way to NE Georgia to pick up our three does. :-) Now, he dearly loves the goats.
5) If you don't have goats, you gotta get some, they have darling personalities. Check out Diane's webpage where we got our goats. Also, we dearly love our chickens, turkeys, and dogs.
6) My fantasy is to be totally self-sufficient like Jackie Clay.


Sharon said...

I was reading your blog last night and I told my dear husband I am smitten with your little goat sweet pea. She's just adorable and I really need her in my yard lol!

I was tagged and had to pick 6, so I picked you as one. If you'd like to participate just stop by my blog for instructions.

Take Care,

Heidi said...

Thank you SO much for stopping by my blog!!!! I love to have visitors - you have me pegged, love that dirty milk man@ LOL

Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

I've got bad news for Sharon...Sweet Pea is going to come live with ME! I need a Sweet Pea the goat to compliment my Sweet Pea the chicken!

sugarcreekstuff said...

Sounds like you could start a new business, Renting out Sweet Pea! That is if you could part with her from time to time. Pencil me in for a week.

I'm the same way with babies, it is different though when they are your own.