Monday, November 17, 2008

2nd Snow Mon 11/17/08

Appalachian State Football = Southern Conference Champs again, again, again and again.

We've had our 2nd snow. was very cold and blustery this weekend. TODAY = Hi: 41 Lo: 22Partly to mostly cloudy; Chilly day but turning colder again late afternoon & tonight; Snow showers (west) and flurries (east) beginning around or just after sunset; West wind 5-15 mph becoming NW 10-20 mph with gusts to 40 mph in the afternoon & overnight.

At home, our modem went out Saturday, Charter-tech guy arrives Sunday but doesn't bring a new modem, duhh, now they hope to work us in today. No internet over the weekend, DT's -delirium tremens (yes, I just looked that up). We spent our time CLEANING the HOUSE, and I watched three btb episodes of HOUSE I try not to watch too much TV but I've caught some reruns of this show and it's pretty good.

I'm reading - my kinda stuff, a book about a twentieth century pioneering venture in a New England community.

The Dec08/Jan09 MotherEarthNews arrived so I'll be sitting in bed tonight reading every word at least once. I'm a big fan. That, and BackwoodHome Jackie Clay is my hero. I receive other magazines but those are the two that really thrill me.

Did you know that a goat's eyesight is the equivalent to what a human sees with 8x or 10x binocular power? (yes, I just looked that up).

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