Thursday, November 27, 2008

Goat Photo's on TDay! Nov 27.08

Look how SweetPea moves her lips while Mike scratches her chest.

Look in the lower right corner, SweetPea doesn't understand why I'm on the outside looking in, I usually sit in the goat pen, and love on her for a while.

Early, my Cuckoo Marans roo and Clara, SweetPea's Grandma.

Clara and June, Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat does.


Sharon said...

:) I was telling my mother about SweetPea today. If she's feeling better tomorrow I'll show her the pictures of SweetPea so she can become as smitten with your adorable little baby goat as I have become.

I hope your family had a lovely Thanksgiving,
God's Blessings,

Juri said...

What a wonderful blog! I have a few goats, so naturally I absolutely adored your pictures!!! SweetPea is just so sweet looking!
Happy Thanksgiving!


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh, I just want to give your goats a big hug...those are beautiful pictures. And all that sunshine certainly doesn't hurt, either! :-)

Peggy said...

I am in Fayetteville but my family is in the Asheville area. Love your sweet pea. I have a turkey named Fred that is the twin to yours! LOL

Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

I demand that you stop torturing me with these adorable goat photos! Just look at the cute Sweet Pea with her even cuter curly lip!!!! Aaaaargh! Can't...take...the....cute!

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Sweet Pea is just too cute! I love her color and cute face. I see she is getting quite a fan base (myself included) maybe she should start her own SweetPea blog? I would read it if she posted lots of adorable pictures of herself. :) Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.

Crazy Chicken Lady said...

I just love these photo's! SweetPea is a doll! My brother in Arkansas used to have goats. One time when we had a BBQ they got out and literally sat down in our chairs around the BBQ while we were inside. Goat's are truly such cute lil' stinkers!

Have a great night!

Mom L said...

I LOVE your goat pix! I jumped over here after seeing your post on my daughter's blog - Diane in Iowa. I also follow Chickens in the Road, so feel right at home with your goats. Unfortunately, I'm in an apt - my mischievous cat Emma is my only livestock! Have a great holiday season...

Nancy (afraid I chose Mom L when I set up my Google acct for Diane's blog!)