Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday 11.14.08 High on a hill with a lonely goatherd
high on a hill with a lonely goatherd, please watch

Last night, we baked so more bread. In the yellow bowl with the rolls is warm olive oil, melted butter, and shredded parmesan cheese. oh my. Think I'll make some chili tonight.

Mike has been cutting branches in an effort to keep our Cuckoo Marans from sleeping in the tree at night, we want 'em to get in their house especially with winter coming. According to the weather man, winter is going to be here tomorrow. Mostly cloudy; Temps falling from AM highs; AM showers (early thunder possible); Twilight & nighttime snow showers (west) or flurries (east); NW wind 10-20 mph with PM gusts to 35 mph, NW 15-25 mph at night with gusts to 45 mph

SweetPea Chubby Wilcox

SweetPea LOVES for Mike to scratch her chest. She wiggles her little lips and sticks her tongue out when he does it and he has to hold his tongue - maybe she is imitating him.

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Peggy said...

love your blog, especially the goats!!