Saturday, November 22, 2008

God watches over my backyard. 11.22.08 Sat

God watches over my backyard. We have 3 goats, 6 turkeys, and approx 75 chickens.

Grandma Clara with her grandgirl, SweetPea. Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats. SweetPea is 2 months old.
Clara with her daughter, June. They're peeling off the bark.

June with her baby girl, SweetPea. Do my goats look overweight? Mostly Cuckoo Marans chickens in the background.

Young Bourbon Red Turkey's.
Mike and I went to Sledgehammer Charlie's Smokehouse and Grill for lunch. The food was OK but the total expense was $37! Mike got an appetizer and we left the server a tip, service was good. I'd rather have spent the $37 at the grocery store and cooked at home.


Don said...

I agree with you on the eating out deal. Although sometimes it is nice to have someone wait on me and then clean up!

I love your blog! What do you think of the red bourbon turkeys? I'm thinking about doing them next year.

Joanna said...

We don't eat our birds because we get so attached to our critters. However, the eggs are wonderful. We sell chicken eggs and were putting one turkey egg in each dozen, customers were unsure about turkey eggs, now they come back and want a whole carton of turkey eggs, but we only have two girls, and three youngsters coming along.

Talking about your stone barn, have you read THE GOOD LIFE by the Nearings? I think you would really like it.

Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

Cute goats! How much milk can you expect from a dwarf goat? How do they get along with the chickens?

Joanna said...

Amy - I just got my Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats in Oct '08, so I'm new to goats. They're easy to milk, and I think you can expect to get 2 cups or more out of each girl per day. The youngest girl is still sucking on her mama and grandma. Yes, 4 teats available and no competition. Mine came from:
and you may want to join: if you want to learn about them, I'm a novice. We are really enjoying them, especially the little one is quite a character. They get along with chickens, and turkeys just fine. at night, they have separate housing. The milk is absolutely wonderful, slightly sweet, you wouldn't know its not grocery-store-cows milk if you weren't told and we drink our goats raw. Will be much egg nog over the holidays - raw milk and raw eggs.

Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

Thanks for the answers! Your homemade egg nog sounds wonderful.