Wednesday, May 20, 2009

colonoscopy, kids, Lambert

Mike had a colonoscopy today, he got a great report, doesn't have to be screened again for 8 years. We pay "out the ass" for monthly health insurance, through my workplace, mine is paid for by the company (ask me again why we live in an RV, health ins and seatbelt tickets) and I carry Spouse coverage, the colonoscopy screenings are 100% covered, included in our Wellness Plan.

If you are over age 50, have you had your colonoscopy? I have, wasn't that big of a deal. Day before, the cleaning out, is the worse part, the procedure itself is a breeze. Be sure to get the colonoscopy (vs sigmoidoscopy), where they look all the way to the end.

Franklin was happy that Mike got a "clean" report. Talk about a big pooper, it's Franklin.

We had June and the kids out again this afternoon. The kids sweaters really are for warmth because our days have been chilly. Gypsy on the left and blue-eyed Sundance on the right.

The inlaws working their large garden near the barn.

Big news - Charter Cable got the TV cable and internet run into the barn and out to the pole today. We had a leftover TV and laptop from the house, so yes, we have TV and internet in the barn now. Was joking with the service guys that we didn't want the goats to miss American Idol tonight.
Speaking of AI, we were big Adam Lambert fans but he came in second tonight although I don't think it matters much, he has a huge future ahead of him. Chris was cute and all but wouldn't care to see him again but sure would like to see Adam many times again.


Mom L said...

And again I have goat envy just before going to bed! I think I'll dream of Gypsy and Sundance tonight - complete with their darling sweaters. So glad Mike got an A+ report! It's been 5 yrs since I had my first "colonasscopy" and I'm not anxious to do that again. You're right, though - the only rough part is the prep.

Goatless Nancy in Atlanta

Granny said...

Those two little ones are adorable in their sweaters. That is a hoot about having TV in the barn for the goat kids. You'll have the most spoiled goats in the neighborhood. :)

Glad Mike got a clean bill of health.

Anonymous said...

Hello Joanna,

My name is Eric Ketzer, and I am a Manager with Charter Communications. I just wanted to stop by and say I am glad the goats did not miss AI. I understand you were an Adam fan, but I believe the goats really wanted Kris, so it is good that they got to see his victory.

If you ever need anything, we are always here to support you whether it is through 888-GetCharter or or even Social Media Channels like Twitter.

I hope you enjoy the TV and Internet in the Barn...Eric

Alix said...

Congratulations on Mike's clean bill of health! Larry had his first colonoscopy two years ago and his insides looked like a new born baby's. Lucky me... I just turned 50 and am next in line. Nobody's mentioned it to me yet, so looks like I'll have to ask for the referral. How ironic. Anyway, hope my results are as good as Mike's and Larry's.

And will you please STOP with the photos of baby goats in coats? Every time I see that I want to start yodeling and kniting. Those kids are just too precious for words. I honestly want to kidnap them. Get it? "Kid"nap? KID?

High fives to Franklin. He sure knows how to show you who's boss.

Carol said...

I love those little sweaters. They'll be wantin to be on Idol and not just watching it.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

The kid sweaters are just too precious!
And wow! What a huge garden they are preparing!

"Out the Ass" for a colonoscopy, eh? You are way too funny! LOL!

I wanted Adam to win, too. But I think he may have been just too avante garde and 'different' for America. America seems to love the 'white bread' cute faced boys now. Kris's voice is great, but isn't much different from what we already hear on the radio these days.

What did you think of Adam singing with KISS? He sure fit in well in clothing, don't you think? heheh!


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