Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gabbi goes to market

Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

We sell eggs at one of our local Farmers Markets, this one is every Sunday from 10:00AM-2PM, although we sell out of eggs a lot sooner than 2PM. We took 9 dozen this morning and were sold out by 11:30AM. We took 5-day old Gabbi and wow, did she draw attention. So much that I had to get Mike to run her back home after an hour, I was worried she was getting worn out. Everybody wanted to hold her.

This gal is a vendor stationed next to us and she couldn't believe how wonderful it felt to hold a baby goat.

All ages came along and wanted to hold her. This boys mother is on the phone telling somebody, "he's holding an adorable baby goat."

Back at home, Mike just fed Gabbi her bottle.

We let the kids out to play.

All 6 kids in this photo.

SugarPop with 2 of the young ones, CoCo and TootleLu

I thought SweetPea was doing well until I found a thick, bloody blob drop from her birth canal today, I hope it's still normal childbirth stuff. She had a c-section on Monday May 25 and her stitches come out Thursday.

SugarPop and Cahoot

3 of the Wheaten Marans girls


Christy said...

It is normal. My doe dripped yucky stuff for over a week after giving birth. The babies are just adorable. I've never held a baby goat as young as Gabbi. Orion was a week old when we got him.

Jennifer said...

Look at all those adorable kids! Where did they come from? :o)

I have missed a lot! I have some catching up to do. Looks like she was a real star at the farmer's market!

Gizmo said...

Waytogo Gabbi!!! She's going to be a STAR before she's a month old.

Yes, that's normal. Her system is getting back to "normal". Best out - than in!!!

Flartus said...

Looks like you have found a brilliant new marketing scheme! Get them hens to step up production; Gabbi's in the house!

I missed going to the market last weekend; I was sick from some bug I probably picked up in Atlanta. Would much rather have been playing with baby goats!

Mom L said...

If I thought I'd get to hold a tiny, baby goat I'd drive 30 miles to find a market like yours!!! I've never held a baby goat, but I did hold a baby Barbados sheep for a while. The kids are adorable - you and Mike must have hours of enjoyment watching them cavort!

Nancy in Atlanta

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sweet Pea looks great. I hope she feel better and heals up soon. The kids are just too darn cute. It's great that they have each other to play with. The rocks look like so much fun to play on, too.

How fun that you too Gabbi to share with your customers. I'm amazed that you all get $3.50 a doz for eggs. I priced mine that way for a few months, but had too many people balk at the price, so I lowere it to $2.50 a dozen..and sometimes even $2.00 a dozen. We've got a lot of tightwads around here, obviously.

Heck one of our neighbors complained to me saying that they can pay just $2.00 a dozen for eggs at Walmart, instead of paying $2.50 a doz for mine.

But HELLO! My chickens are happy, free range, healthy, and the eggs are so fresh they were probably laid the same day....and all she has to do is walk right next door to buy them.'s 'cheaper' to drive 8 miles to Walmart to buy factory farm eggs.

I just don't get some people. ugh!


thecrazysheeplady said...

Too cute! And good for you to take her home when she got tired. I hate to see babies that are kept out too long.

Alix said...

There is something soooo sexy about a big strapping man tenderly holding and caring for a baby goat (or any baby animal). Those kinds of guys make the best daddies to their "real" kids too.

Mike is a keeper, and he's always quietly smiling. I like that!

PS: I would have stolen Gabbi right out of your arms amd headed for the hills. She'd be worth the jail time.

Amy ~ 12 Acres said...

Such cute babies. I'd never get anything done if I had that many. I'd spend all day with them!

sugarcreekstuff said...

i love your pics and that little Gabbi, i want to hold her SO BAD!

d/iowa said...

gabbi is so cute! you should charge to hold her, like the old kissing booths at fairs.

SouthernHeart said...

Such great pics! I want two dwarf nigerian goats...Baxter & Beatrice. I always enjoy your blog!