Sunday, May 17, 2009

seatbelt ticket & NAIS

This morning, we decided to drive down the mountain to the Tractor Supply in Lenoir and pick up a few things. On the way down, I was telling Mike that I had been reading about NAIS, the proposed farm-animal-ID law. Until now, I had been scoffing at the idea and no way would this law be passed, however, support seems to be building for it. We agreed that we leaned towards being liberatarians and didn't want Uncle Sam in our business.

At TSC, we picked up a few supplies and headed back up the road in our pokey 1996 pickup truck. Us on the outside lane as others sped past us. A NC State Tropper pulled Mike for not wearing his seatbelt. $25 for the violation and $75 for court costs = $100 total. If the ticket is going to mailed in, why do ya have to pay court costs?
Back on the road, we were quite for a while, both thinking - damn a hundred dollars down the drain, when we try to be so frugal. Then I started joking with Mike:

"soon you'll be getting a ticket 'cause you're not wearing steel-toed shoes and a helmet"
"you'll get a ticket for not taking your blood pressure medicine"
"cause you ate a ham sandwich this morning"

you can imagine, it went from there. Now I've been giving him "husband" citations all afternoon.

Back to NAIS, this crazy thing is picking up steam. It was drafted by the NIAA, not a governmental agency, but a bunch of pharmaceutical, chemical, agribusinesses, and cooperations who hope to profit from manufacturing the tracking equipment.
For instance, every backyard chicken would have to be registered and chipped. Your home/farm would have to be registered and you must pay your fees. Somebody has to pay for all this oversight.
So the egg farm with 100,00 chickens needs 100,000 chips? No, those chickens are seen as one unit.
If any of the backyard chickens go in the pot, run away, are given to neighbors. dies, etc all has to be logged and records sent to Uncle Sam. All movement of animals must be recorded. 4H events, parades, fairs. If you don't report every move or exchange of your animals and every egg you hatch to a bureaucrat within 48 hours, you're breaking the law.
So what are the penalties? None written yet because they want the law enacted before they discuss your citations, property seizures, or jail time.
The reason is much bigger ($$$$) than this explanation - It's supposed to put in place a way of tracking animal diseases in our food system. However, I am totally unaware of diseases running rampant through the animals we raise and the need to be tracked.
Now the USDA is supporting the proposed law and has the financial backing from the big boys at NIAA. There doesn't appear to be enough little voices to stop it. The NAIS has not been written with regard to our rights, and is not being debated in Congress. Will be implemented by faceless corporations and faceless bureaucrats.
You can do much research about this online.
I think it is time to quit complaining and start a revolution.


Carol said...

It all boils down to "follow the money"...who do you think was behind the seat belt law?

I'll check out the link, but an email to Bill O'Reilly or Glenn Beck might help too.

Carol said...

I just clicked on the link and got a warning that the sight might contain Malware and could harm the computer...Guess they are worried about someone finding out already

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

NAIS involves a lot of things...and really will hurt the small farmer, with a few animals.

If your animal crosses over your property line, even to go to the vet, you will be required to report it to the US government.

If you purchase hay. It will be required to report where the hay came from, who baled it, how it as shipped to you, and what roads were taken as it was being shipped.

I already have a "number" because I am part of the USDA Voluntary Scrapies Program. They would not issue any more free tags to me unless I signed up. I received a letter, with my premise number, coordinates of my farm, etc... . This was done through the State of Ohio, but is a part of NAIS.

Anyhow...just a few example.

I was very concerned, not so much now. It will take many years to get the act in place (if it ever does). It will be a nightmare for the owner of the animals (whether you own one pet goat, or 60 commercial goats). It will be a nightmare for the US Goverment, tracking, the cost of tracking, and enforcement.

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Not feeling great tonight...tired and stomach ache (LOL)...sorry about the typos!

Christy said...

Ugh, this crap is why I'm a card carrying libertarian. Voted that way and all. A seat belt ticket, how absurd!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Concerning the ticket and the NAIS...the government needs to spend more time worrying about criminals and less time worrying about how to make an extra dollar from the poor folk struggling to live a happy life.

Alix said...

In Florida they won't pull you over for a seat belt infraction by itself. They must pull you over for something else - then - add the seat belt infraction. I think it's against the law to talk on cell phones while driving too, but 99.9% of Florida drivers do, and none of them ever get pulled over.

Sorry about your ticket. A hundred dollars is a hundred dollars. It hurts to have to send it to big brother.

Flartus said...

NAIS scares me, especially after reading Omnivore's Dilemma. This hurts the safest food growers we have!! Why don't they spend the money on hiring more inspectors for the CAFOs and massive processors, who are more interested in pushing through carcasses than making sure the meat isn't tainted with feces?

Funny thing is, I haven't heard anything about it from our local farmers. I'm gonna start asking around, maybe we can put some little voices together to start something.

Oh, and be happy you didn't get that ticket in Mecklenburg County; the "court costs" are even higher.