Saturday, May 23, 2009

Moving Day & Cahoot

When I got the bright idea of moving to the barn, I was quite naive about what all it would take to get here. If not for a lot of family heavy lifting and large machinery help, moving day wouldn't have happened but we made it!

Below, the RV is hooked to a tractor (Mike driving) and a bulldozer (BIL driving) is pulling the tractor/RV up the rugged, gravel road.

FIL and a nephew

FIL is helping Mike get turned around.

Mike got turned around and now backing up, as FIL and BIL supervise.

Mike backing in to our spot then BIL in a trackhoe inched the RV here and there.

All total, the setup took 6 hours. Mike and I are now inside sitting on our butts.

Nephew gave MIL a ride to come up and see.

We had 5 goat babies delivered this week. We picked up Cahoot on Thursday and while at the breeder, the twins got disbudded - a 5hr roundtrip. Now, we need to go back to get the triplets done.
So, I introduce to you, 8-week-old Cahoot!

He is missing his Mama but we let him spend a little outside time with MilkDud.

Next week, I am on jury duty starting Tuesday and somehow have to close on our house on Thursday.


Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

You moved to the barn!!!! Fantastic. I bet you are elated!

I love Cahoot. I was admiring his strong legs and back. That boy is going to be very nice (already is).

Christy said...

Congrats on getting to the barn! That is a beautiful goat. I'm glad he is getting along with Milkdud. Nice rocks by the way! My goats would love some nice big rocks like that.

Nancy K. said...

I can't believe that little bulldozer pulled that great big tractor & RV!!

What a beautiful setting!

I also would love to have some giant rocks for my critters to climb on. It does a great job of keeping their feet trimmed!

Mom L said...

It's all coming together! Hello, Cahoot - I think he and Milk Dud can be good friends. What did SweetPea think of all the excitement? You and Mike deserved a chance to sit on your butts inside your home in its new place.


Nancy in Atlanta

Anonymous said...

It is nice you had all that help.

I know even though it is hard work, you are enjoying it all.

Cahoot is so handsome and big.
Have a great day.

Wrensong Farm said...

Hooray! Love when things are progressing "forward" (sometimes it definitely seems things are going in the WRONG direction!!)

Love Cahoot and especially his name!! (totally fitting for a goatie!)

Peggy said...

yippeeeeeeeee! You are moved! Can't wait to see lots of photos and read lots of stories of your new adventures.

Martha Ann said...

You're going to have a sweet Autumn. I doubt the goats et al are going to let you sit on your butts for long, so enjoy it while you can.

Martha Ann