Friday, May 8, 2009

Goats & Update

The rains stopped for a couple of hours and I got a few shots in. It rains every day here, we barely see any sunshine which really hinders getting any work done at the barn.

Contractor brother-inlaw has some work to do on the septic tank, and the tank is now floating in a large hole. Also, sometime he has to put a pole in the ground for electricity and cable hookups.

Electrician nephew has to run electricity to the pole.

Cable folks have to install and run cable to pole.

We have to get many loads of gravel hauled in.

We still have quite a bit of stuff back at the house to move over. We close on the house - May28th and I have jury duty that week.

Mike and another nephew have almost got a large pasture fenced in.

So - around still going to our jobs, and all the rain and mud, we're doing what we can and coping rather well. We really enjoy living in the RV at the campground.

On Sunday May24th, the High Country Farmers Market opens and we'll be selling eggs there. Last year we did the Watauga Farmers Market on Saturdays, but this year, we'll try this new one.

Do you see the back end of Clara? She is due on May15th and June is due around that time too. By the end of May, we'll also be adding in 4 more Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats - red Caliente, red Cahoot, Boones, and Cubby - coming from other breeders.


Nancy K. said...

I have so much respect for how you've kept your attitude positive and made the most out of a time that, for many, could have been a nightmare-ish experience. I can't imagine living in an Rv by myself ~ let alone with someone...


Your animals all appear to be thriving and those goats look like they're going to have triplets!!

Wishing you sunshine...

Mom L said...

Things are really coming along for you! The goats look very happy - and soon more babies!! Best to you and Mike...
Nancy in Atlanta

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Boy, when it rains it POURS, doesn't it? A floating septic tank...that sounds quite interesting. :-) Glad you're keeping your spirits up, though - you guys have done *so* much work, it's amazing.
OMG - Clara's belly is enormous! Poor girl, that must take some effort hefting herself around these days. Can't wait to see those tiny, beautiful babies...any thoughts on how many she's got in there? 2? 3?

Carol said...

I am learning to play the Mountain Dulcimer. I believe it originated in your part of the country. I'll be thinking of you in the beautiful mountains as I strum.

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

I can talk about goats easily...and so I will say, Clara is huge!!!!

I see the living in the RV as a fun time, an adventure. I see fixing up the old barn as rather romantic, in its own way. Romantic is probably not the correct word to use...nostalgic?

Your photos are terrific, as always.

Anonymous said...

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Alix said...

It doesn't rain every day as in EVERY day, does it? Where I grew up in NY, it was like that. Dreary. The sun coming out was a big deal. Now I live in the "sunshine state" and know I could never live in a gloomy place again. No thank you - Seattle may be beautiful, but I would kill myself there. Continual grey days effect my mood too severely.

I do have to say that your landscape looks very beautiful and lush though - and, as always, the goats are the star attraction. Gorgeous photos, Joanna!

Amy ~ 12 Acres said...

Oh my goodness, those girls are about to pop! I hope they're not too uncomfortable. Give them smooches for me, OK? I sure am anxious to meet their babies!

SouthernHeart said...

I love reading about your adventures sounds like fun!