Wednesday, May 27, 2009


rut-roh, Roberta got caught going into the feed room.
One of our Ameraucana girls.

This is SugarPop. We actually brought him home the morning prior to SweetPea going into labor and had to have a C-section. Poor SugarPop got lost in all the commotion, but he is doing fine. Cahoot got a cold and was rejected by all other goats here. We made another trip to Kids Corral, 1) to get Cahoot some medicine, 2) to get the triplets disbudded, so 3) we brought home a wether that is approx Cahoot's age. SugarPop looks like his Daddy, Luzifer.

Now Cahoot is doing better.

MilkDud enjoys laying on his throne and looking out upon the land.

Yeah, give me the profile.

Update on SweetPea and her baby, Gabbi - after the drugs wore off, SweetPea wouldn't allow Gabbi to nurse her. We have to put SweetPea on the milkstand and hold her legs (I'm sure she is sore from the surgery) to let baby nurse. I have a pritchard nipple, but baby won't take a bottle. Goat people bottle feed kids all the time but I can't get Gabbi to take the bottle, so what is the secret? If we put another doe on the milkstand, she won't nurse from another Mama. Poor Mike runs out to the barn all through the night in the pouring rain (yes, still pouring the rain here) so Gabbi can nurse her Mama, then Mike has to go drive a truck during the day. He lets me sleep so I can get up and go to work. Mike is still getting the remainder of our stuff out of the house because the closing is tomorrow which reminds me, I need to go call the electric company. Oh, and the jury duty was cancelled thank goodness. In a room full of potential jurors, the clerk came in and said all the cases had been settled this week so we were relieved. Yeah.


Mom L said...

SugarPop is a cutie and I'm glad Cahoot has a same age friend at last! Milk Dud certainly looks like the king of the hill. I'm sorry you still have so much running to do, but you'll reach a point where you can relax a bit and look back on it all! Sending wishes for SweetPea and Gabbi....and Mike!!!

Nancy in Atlanta

DebH said...

those little babies can be stubborn about bottles sometimes,,but it seems hunger will win out!! Gosh,,I know how exhausting it is to make sure everyone gets the best of care. Wish there was something I could do to help but it sounds like you are on the right track. Worry worry worry...seems to always come up with a solution or it could be it just works itself out all by itself and you wonder why all the worry!! Hang in there,,it will settle down:)

Southern Comfort said...

With all you have going on, the last thing you needed was jury duty. I love the cute pictures of the goats and I hope little Gabbi does well. Hope you and your husband get some rest soon!

Deb said...

I never had good luck with those pritchard nipples. I use regular baby bottles and baby nipples. The soft, yellowish ones. They seem to do well with those if they can't have Mom.
Sugar Pop is a handsome one. You've got some nice looking fellows running around!
Hope you both get some rest soon :)

JK said...

I agree with DebH - some babies are very stubborn when it comes to accepting a bottle but hunger does win out.
I have had little ones who would refuse to open their mouths, but I refused to let them die. Have to get a good hold on them and keep putting that bottle in their mouth. It can be frustrating but they will take it.
And like Deb said regular baby bottles and nipples work like a charm. The pritchard and other livestock nipples can flow too quickly,as a result the baby can get fluid in their lungs. Not a good thing. I have also found the regular baby bottles you can squeeze a bit into their mouths and soon they realize yummy!
Congratulations on the new arrivals! The babies are precious!
Hugs to Sweet Pea, hope she feels better soon.

thecrazysheeplady said...

I usually have good luck with the pritchard nipples, but Ewen McTeagle would ONLY use the nasty hard rubber black smelly one. Don't ask me why. I hated even putting it in my car to drive home from the feed store. Kids.

I'm assuming you have the doe on something for pain. I think they'll be okay as long as you stay vigilant. In your spare time...

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Yep1.....same view...we're just east of 221 in the Fleetwood area......Love all the new babies!!


Anonymous said...

Sugar Pop is a cutie.

I don't think there is a secret to getting a baby goat to take a bottle. We've had some take to the bottle immediately and some just refused.
One thing is they seem to like an old soft bottle nipple compared to a new one. I also try and put a little of the goat's milk on top of the nipple.

Hope everything goes well..with everything.

Gizmo said...

We fed over 30 babies (still have 2 does to go) with Prichard nipples - colostrum through weaning.
You have to be as stubborn as them. Put them between your feet/legs - both facing in the same direction. Pop their lower jaw open, and put the nipple in their mouth. They will try to back up, shake their heads and try to spit it out. Cup your hand under their chin, around the muzzle to stablize the bottle. This works best if they're really hungry (wait a little extra time before feeding). It seems really tough, but you'll only have to hold the bottle like this for a couple feedings.
Good luck, and let me know if you'd like to see pictures of what I described.

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

I have always used Pritchard nipples as well. I have heard pros and cons about them. You can normally tell by the kid if they are receiving too much milk too quickly (too much of a flow). Always something you want to watch.

I agree, the kids can be stubborn. For the extremely stubborn kids, from time to time I have dipped the nipple in a small amount of molasses or maple syrup. It seems to get them a bit more interested in that yummy treat! It only takes one dip if they are going to go for it.

Bottle feeding kids can be exhausting. I still have a few handfuls that are not weaned.

Nancy K. said...

And still you find time to blog.
Thank you!!

Wishing you and your hubby REST!

Mom L said...

Thanks, Joanna, for your kind words on Diane's blog! I do hope to settle in to having my own after the move. Right now that's been pushed back as I'm having trouble getting over pneumonia - still hacking away at almost 4 wks. Lungs are clear and everyone tells me it will just take time. My apt. is full of - empty! - boxes, and I don't have the energy to get anything done. I get worn out each day just reading all you and Mike are accomplishing!

I also forgot to mention that I think Roberta is quite a handsome broad!!!

Nancy in Atlanta

JK said...

Joanna, when we have no goat milk available to bottle feed we use a goat milk replacer. Our farm store carries it. We use the Land-O-Lakes brand, I think it is called Doe's Match. If you can't find a milk replacer specifically for kids then a multi species milk replacer will work.
If you can't find a replacer let me know I can offer different replacemnt formulas we have used with good luck.