Saturday, August 22, 2009

the 22nd on a Saturday

It's still not finished. Between the rains and "knocking off early"... and if you think it looks messy now, you should have seen it before Mike and I spent a solid two hours cleaning around it. These construction guys sure aren't good stewards to Mother Earth. Not just construction crap everywhere but drink bottles, food wrappers, tobacco-chew cans, you name it. We continue to point out to them the LARGE black trash can that is there for their convienience, but they've yet to use it.

Today, our to-do-list was as long as my arm but we only scratched off a couple of things. The guinea's now have a townhouse, they're a month old, and can now get on the ground in search if bugs. We've got aplenty of bugs. They have a heat lamp upstairs and the dangling light downstairs is to attract insects.

A cute, young couple visited this morning to see and learn about the goats. Once they get properly set up, they want to get some dairy goats.

Henry is always watching for me, for 15 years, that "Humane Society special" has been the best companion a girl could ever hope for.

Mike's watching the Bristol NASCAR race on TV, and will play duplicate bridge online later. I'm solving Anagram Magic Squares (although my chiggers are much better now) and drinking a diet Sunkist. A fun weekend for us, no joke, real easygoing is the way we like it.

The answer - Vanity is other peoples pride.


BlueRidge Boomer said...

I know what you mean.....we were still picking up "trash" months after we moved into the cabin....ugh!!!'s looking good!!!


Mom L said...

You have more than earned a day of relaxation!!!! It's looking good - and one day soon it will be finished.


Christy said...

I'm taking it easy today. I'm caught up with my online job for the day! I will go visit with the animals in a bit, and hubby is grilling for dinner. Nothing like a day mostly off!

Diane said...

Good idea about the light & attracting insects...and hope you all are having an easier day today too!

Anonymous said...

It does really look good.

I always wonder about trash.

I am seeing beer and cola bottles pop up out of the ground here. Apparently buried many moons ago. Why do people do that?

thecrazysheeplady said...

I'm with you on the trash issue. Ugh. But, other than that, what a nice day and what a nice farm. And blog :-)

Jennifer said...

Oh how aggravating, a trash can right there and they won't use it!