Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gossipin' Goats

I'd like to know what Clara is whispering in Caliente's ear, it might be about me.


Franklin passes by June.

Gypsy is June's 2009 daughter.

TootleLu and CoCo are Clara's 2009 daughters.



Mike and SweetPea

This Sunday morning, we are skipping the Farmers Market and taking 8 goats to Carol and Duane at Kids Corral, a few counties over, and going to have a ear-tattooing session.

Tattoos are a means of positive identification for goats. Goats that are registered, shown, or will have appraised must be tattooed. In the right ear, we'll put the farm ID which for us is WJJ (for the ones that were born here) (WJJ = Wilcox JamesMichael Joanna) and then in the left ear, we'll put the year born ID. 2009 is Z and then you put the order they were born, such as TootleLu will be Z 3 in the left ear.
I'll have some tattoo photo's, stay tuned.


Mom L said...

Your goats are so beautiful and happy-looking!

Nancy in Iowa

Alix said...

Seriously, how do you DO that, Joanna? How do you catch those goats in the most meaningful poses? LOVE the gossiping. They were probably saying b-a-a-a-ad things!

And Franklin. Oh Franklin. My one true love. Struting the parameter in his fine way keeping all the goats in line. I do love him so.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Never knew i was a Zone 6.....hummmmm....what does this mean??

Love the babies.....LindaMay

Flartus said...

Oh, those little goats are such charmers! How can you avoid letting them get away with anything?

IsobelleGoLightly said...

I love the many different colors of your lovely goats! I would like to be a goat of many different colors tooooo! Kisses from Isobelle!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful pictures of some really gorgeous goats! Every time I read your blog I want a few Nigerian Dwarf goats myself. They are so cute but I am afraid of our large Boer bucks getting to the small females accidentally. We bought a small pygmy goat one time that had been bred by a Boer buck. Luckily I was there to help her but she did have some birthing problems. The kids were big for her. Guess for now I will just keep enjoying this wonderful breed through your blog!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Too cute. Love the chair picture.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Well whatever it is, it must not be too exciting. She looks pretty content. tee hee
Love that picture of Coco.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Well, can't ya just take 'em down to the local tattoo parlor and get 'em a creepy skull tat or something? lol!
Good luck with the tattooing.

Looks like Clara is smooching on Caliente. They'd never whisper behind your back. They know who loves them best :)



You commented on my jellies post: "no heart, bones, eyes or brain, is made up of 95% water - but have you ever bitten by one? I have and it hurt!"

You forgot the most important information from my post:
"but is still an efficient ocean predator"

Yes...I have been STUNG (jellyfish do not bite as they have no teeth) by them more times than I'd like to recall.'s not pleasant. Ouch!

They are pretty fascinating to look at and learn about, though :)

Naimhe said...

Fabulous photos! Tattooing time isn't my favorite but it's one of those necessities. We gave you a nod on