Thursday, August 6, 2009

got goats milk?

wave to us up here in the NC Appalachians (or down depending), we're at 3,333 altitude

this is our new hanging sign for the Farmers Market

mother-in-law checking on the garden, SweetPea followed us up there

I made some chocolate goats-milk ice cream tonight, of course, would harden up if I stuck it in the freezer for a few minutes but we were too anxious

Did you know?
Goat milk has greater amounts of vitamin A than cow milk.
Goats convert all carotenes into vitamin A, creating a white type of milk.
Goat milk is higher in B levels; especially riboflavin.Niacin levels are higher in goat milk.

Delicious with a slightly sweet, goat’s milk is the milk of choice in most of the world.

Although the mineral content of goat's milk and cow's milk is generally similar, goat's milk contains 13 percent more calcium, 25 percent more vitamin B-6, 47 percent more vitamin A, 134 percent more potassium, and three times more niacin. It is also four times higher in copper. Goat's milk also contains 27 percent more of the antioxidant selenium than cow's milk.

A local electric supply let us have some wooden spools for the goats. Mike nails some plyboard on the tops.

The bucklings enjoying their new spools, also got some in their stalls.


thecrazysheeplady said...

Goat milk is also MUCH better for bottle baby lambs than sheep formula.

Gizmo said...

Goat milk is also the "great equalizer". It is considered closest to "mother's milk" than most other sources (besides the baby's own mother). We raise our babies on goat's milk. :)

Linda said...

I'll take a bowl of that ice cream please.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

That ice cream looks AMAZING!! I am dying to try some ND milk and cheese - I hear it doesn't have the "goaty" flavor that products from the bigger goats have.

Where did you get your spools, Joanna? I really need one for my boys. The little old doghouse they love to climb, sit, jump, play and poop on is on its last leg...

d/iowa said...

that ice cream looks yummy and your view of the mountains is to die for.

Mom L said...

Hi, Joanna - I'm sorry I didn't wander up your way to meet you and see your beautiful goats, farm and hubby before I left Atlanta. I landed in Iowa a week ago today - Diane did very well traveling with her Mom and my cat! I've really missed seeing your blog, and was thankful to finally get connected to the internet yesterday. Have been looking at some of your posts I missed just to get my goat fix.

Nancy, in Iowa at last!