Monday, August 31, 2009

Kids Corral,tattoo session, All Things Goat

You wanna see some pretty goats? The kind that have top bloodlines and come from a nationally known breeder? That has produced many champions in the show ring? Lots of people wait in line and many only dream of owning a Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat from Kids Corral. The next 7 are Kids-Corral youngsters that I photographed for use on their webpage.

Mike and I really love this little red and white girl, as in, discussed her at length on the way home, stay tuned. She is so tiny that Carol doesn't know if she can be bred. "Dinki" has two little pimples for teats.

We loaded up 8 goats yesterday and went to Kids Corral for the tattoo session. Wish I had gotten a photo of the divider that Mike made for the back of his pickup truck. He has a camper top on the back and then with the divider, was able to separate the 3 boys from the 5 girls, after SweetPea got knocked up so early last year, can't take any chances!
Below are our goats, however, Cahoot was purchased from them. Cahoot was born on 3/31/09, our anniversary, and we bought him that day. Early in our marriage, we used to buy young trees on special occasions, and plant them in our yard (the one we just moved from), but now I guess we buy goats.

Carol Lindblom does the tattooing. Farm ID on the right and year/birth order on the left.

Mike sometimes did the holding,

and sometimes Duane Lindblom did the holding. That's Cahoot.

if you have an interest in goats be sure to go to
and they gave us a link
about the tattooing

Duane was playing around with some of his goats.


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Are those your toes in all the pictures!!??...and are you sure one of the goats didn't get "ILoveMom" tattooed on a shoulder!!??..LOL

Sorry....had to ask...LindaMay

Deb said...

They are all so darn cute! I'd want them all.

Will be watching to see if Dinki has a new home with you and Mike :)

We used to tattoo our race horses on their upper lips. I always thought it hurt them but the vets said it was too bad.

thecrazysheeplady said...

I think your goats are just as pretty...or prettier.

Alix said...

Positively kissable. Each and every one. Why no skull and crossbones tattoos I wonder?

d/iowa said...

goats are so cute- i especially like the last shot of goat love!

Flartus said...

I think I may have to begin campaigning now to get Miss Chef ready for some dwarf those red colors.

Mom L said...

Say, do I detect some unhappiness in Mike's face at what's being done to his kids?!!!

Oh, yeah, you're going to have a new teeny goat soon!!!

Nancy in Iowa

Peggy said...

they are so beautiful!

Claire said...

Love love love those goats. Dinki is adorable. We haven't got a tattoo kit but I did buy an ear tagging kit, however, I haven't been able to bring myself to use it yet. Isn't that pathetic?!