Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday Sunroom

We decided to call it a sun room, vs great room and dog house.

My father-in-law keeps coming up here, we live on his 20 acres, he and MIL live on the same property but down at the main road, FIL is so tickled with our setup. Every so often we can hear his 4-wheeler humming up the hill, we call him the County Inspector. Our BIL, his SonIL, is the contractor overseeing the work.

On Monday morning, the construction guys are going to be frustrated with me that I moved stuff in the room and not wait until they were finished with the ceiling but I got too impatient. This room will stay unfinished for a time because the crew is also doing some things outside and we can't afford to pay for much more until later. They start putting on the beige-colored siding Monday.

If you stop by, we'll offer you a cold drink from the little white frig. The crew has the sun room tight from the weather elements.

3 dogs = 3 dog beds. These windows are set lower so we can sit and look over to the goats at the barn. When we let the goats out for an afternoon romp, they come strutting in here like it's their new barn.

Remember, I was doing the newspaper puzzles to keep my mind off having hives? Now, I have graduated to buying buying a puzzle book if that tells ya anything. I have a scheduled doctors appt for Thursday and was trying to hold out until then but we'll see.


Christy said...

I'd love to stop by. Logan and I have started doing logic puzzles together. I think it is good training for his brain.

Lucy and Ethel said...

That new room will be great no matter what you call it!

Sorry to hear about the hives! Have you stopped by Bare Essentials and talked to Jodi or Andrea to see what they might have in the way of homeopathic remedies? They're open on Sundays, and you could get started pronto!!!


Farmgirl_dk: said... all the windows. This is looking like such a cozy place! Wonderful how the windows are placed for perfect pooch and critter viewing! :-)
So sorry about the hives...hang in there!

Mom L said...

I love the sunroom! I wonder if goat kisses would make the hives feel better?

Nancy in Iowa

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What a charming little sunroom. I hope everything works out ok....and you're better soon.


thecrazysheeplady said...

What a great sunroom! Love all your windows!!! Hope you feel betting soon.

Peggy said...

I love your sunroom! everything is looking so nice at your new place. Wanna come help me fix up the cabin?