Wednesday, August 12, 2009

words, hives, Henry, hay

I enjoy word games - online and on paper. I guess cryptograms are my favorite. On the computer, I like BOOKWORM.

Also, I'm trying to keep my mind off hives, self diagnosed at this point, they're on my legs and some on my hips. Taking Benadryl doesn't seem to help. Applying oinment that cools the skin does help but I have to lather it on many times a day. I've been researching hives, and my conclusion is, no telling why I have 'em, could be any number of reasons. Can't get a good nights sleep because of the itchiness.

Although the construction crew is doing a good job, I stay nervous about the costs. Mike isn't one to worry about money, so I have to fret for the both of us. And I can hear Mike out there talking to the workers, not staying focused on the job at hand but shooting the breeze about everything from health-care reform to NASCAR, and I want to just go out there and ring his neck.

My 16yr old, Henry, is pictured here enjoying the new deck which the crew is enclosing the today. Henry can you say, "manicure?"

This is a photo from Saturday. Mike was unloading some hay, and the does kept jumping up on the hay, which was stacked on the trailer, just munching away.


Becca's Dirt said...

That is some bad looking case of hives. Do you have an aloe vera plant or do know someone who does. The juice from the aloe is healing and I say its a miracle plant. It has prevented many a skin burn or ailment or other skin injury to heal quicker and without scar. Hope it gets better soon. I know you are uncomfortable.

Teesa said...

Sorry to hear about the hives. Benadryl didn't work for me either. I feel for ya, I really do.

We missed you on Sunday!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That last photo cracked me up. Goats are so persistant, aren't they?

Sorry you seem to have hives. I feel your discomfort, too. I have two areas on the inside of my ankles that are terribly itchy. I don't see any bumps, though, but when I wear shoes, and my feet get hot, it's just awful!
I've been putting aloe vera on them and it does seem to help a little bit, but night time is rough, like you said.

Henry looks very comfy. And lucky you getting some projects done around there. I know the money stuff can be a little scary, but it's so satisfying to get those projects done. I've got many projects I want done, too, but between lack of money and hubby's inexperience with repair and construction they just don't get done. sigh. Such is life.


Mom L said...

Ohhh, hives, my sympathies! I had them once in my life - a reaction to some sort of shot (I don't even remember what) my dr. gave me to clear up a horrid rash brought on by contact with something else. The morning after the shot, I woke up with swollen bumps everywhere, swollen face, eyes almost shut. I wish I could tell you what he gave me to counteract the bad stuff, but it's all in the dim, dim past!

Anonymous said...

The does want to be a LOT Of help! They always do. :)

And they say us women have the gift for and I can agree, it isn't always the case...

Flartus said...

Maybe you have hives from worrying about the money, and bottling up the urge to wring Mike's neck?

You take some good pictures; that photo of Henry deserves to be framed.

I'm also a crossword fan; Miss Chef doesn't have much luck with them. She's more into Sudoku, and we both like the Jumble, so we share that page like Jack Spratt & his wife, LOL!

Gizmo said...

Your girls are like mine - they're SURE that a trailer of hay is simply a mobile pasture. ;)
So sorry about the hives. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Medical Information said...

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