Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane, Irene, recliner, nestbox, goats

We've been watching the Irene updates today. Although we're in North Carolina, we're within walking distance to Tennessee, up in the Appalachian Mountains. Overcast and cool up here today.

This morning, we bought a $10 recliner at a Yard Sale, in fact, I'm sitting in it as I write this. You see in the photo background what we did with my old recliner.

The 12-hole nestbox set us back $50 from a Collectibles-and-Antique store in Trade, TN but the Pyreenes keep stealing the eggs from our chicken coop, so I'll try this. I filled each hole with pine shavings.

No photo's, but we went to the Zionville Farmer's Market this morning. We bought some heirloom tomatoes, watermelon, corn ad baked goods from Irene.

GingerBreadGirl, in the lower left, is due to freshen on Sept 17th.

Cassie is a Tulip 2010 daughter, and Holly and MariGold are 2011 daughters. Upitty is over at Donna's getting weaned from Tulip, then he'll come back to live with the bucklings, Moose and Merlot.

MariGold is loaded with personality, and a real lap goat. If I stop stroking her, she's pawing at my arm, that she wants more.
Carol and Duane [Kids Corral] are in town at a conference, and we're gonna meet 'em in Blowing Rock for dinner.


Louise said...

That Marigold is a cutie.

Dot said...

Never a dull moment at your place! Love your photos & updates! Thanks a bunch. By the way, where is the Zionville farmers market?

Mary Ann said...

They are the most wonderful looking little goats! Those bad puppies stealing the eggs! I love the new nest box.

Paula said...

That's a great deal on those nesting boxes! and the recliner! I used to use shavings in our boxes, but the hens would push so much of them out. Now I just put hay in there and they seem to do better.

Carol said...

On our way home from TN we had a pickup with sofa etc in the back pass us. A few miles up the road it was sitting on the shoulder and everything in the back looked like your old recliner...I'll bet they don't toss another cigarette out the window!!!

Charlotte said...

Love the pictures. Beautiful goats.