Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday - making the rounds

Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

Mike and I arrive at Sprucey Lane Farm this morning with their two new bucks, and here is the welcoming committee - Donna, Kaitlin, Ben and Maggie.

We always like to visit with Pansy, Gabbi, and O'Pea too (all formerly of BooneDocksWilcox).

After eating at The Tributary in Mountain City, our usual Saturday lunch spot, we went to a new Farmer's Market in Zionsville.

IreneRene sells her baked goods, and she has two of our wethers - Clarence and Grits. I'm hoping Donna starts selling her knitted items.


Louise said...

You had a very full day.

Paula said...

You guys have to be the best ambassadors for Boone, NC!!! I want to live there! We would love if BDW "made the rounds" down to us!! We are going to miss you so much at the Asheville show. Sprucey Lane looks like a perfect place to sell beloved goaties to! How wonderful it is to know all your babies are happy and safe.

I went to Kay's funeral yesterday. So very, very sad. The Nelson's came down, which was a bright spot in the day. Had a nice dinner with them before they hit the road. Such good people. Wish we weren't so far from so many we love! Can't wait to see the pics from the fair! Best to you and Mike! :)

Carol said...

My sister always talks about Boone, NC. I love the goats.