Saturday, August 13, 2011

in a blackberry vibe

Where I'm from, blackberries are berries that grow on vines/bushes. Mike and I visited with Gabbi, Pansy, and O'Pea at their Mountain City, TN home today. Here they are pictured with their Mama, Donna. The goats are nibbling on her blackberry vines.

Pansy talking to her Daddy, Greg.

Donna shows me how large her blackberries are, and they're good too.

Mike eating the blackberries.

Mike holding down a branch so the goats can eat the leaves.

Pansy's dark black has turned to a chocolate color. Pansy has her own blog:

Gabbi is due with Bordeaux babies on Sept 17th. She is already exhibiting a very nice udder.

Maggie and O'Pea

Gabbi checking out the horses stall.
Also, Rodney Underwood is trying to start a Farmers Market on his property in Zionsville, NC. He built this playset for his 3 sons.

and built this chicken coop for his chickens.

Rodney is pictured in the middle, he does this type of woodworking for a living. 

We bought a blackberry cake from a vendor that bought a pair of our wethers last year, Clarence and Grits. Tonight, Rodney is gonna show a movie on the side of his barn.

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