Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Sights From Home

Hope you had a beautiful weather day like we did.

We've got a MommieBird with two newborn chicks. I dearly love the interaction of animal Mommies and their babies.

We took a walk around on our land this morning. The Irish Terriers are leashed because we don't trust them around poultry.

The apple trees have produced well this summer.
Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

Back at the barn, Tulip and 3 of her kids.

On June 17 2011, Tulip had quads but we sold Pansy to my friend, Donna. Check out:

Although Tulip's 3 kids are still nursing her, once a day, we bottle-feed the kids - 1) this gives Tulip a break, and 2) it tames the kids so they're easy for us to handle.

Use Pritchard Nipples.
Upitty decided to take on (wethered) Bruno in a game of head butting.

Later, we noticed that Upitty wasn't putting weight on his right-rear leg. :-( We hope it will heal after some rest.

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