Tuesday, March 6, 2012

early evening

Jack on duty.

Jack looking for eggs,
for himself.

JackBadger's father was full Great Pyr,
his mother was a LGD mix.
BarbaraJean is full Great Pyr.
They're been spayed and neutered.
We're so proud of the work
that they do here,
at the same time,
JB and BJ are wonderful pets.

in the turkey pen,
any eggs?

yes! 9 eggs
now I want a turkey girl
to go broody,
sit on 'em for 30 days
and hatch 'em.
Yes, we've done the incubator
thing but young poults are
difficult to keep alive,
they're extremely fragile.

We have high hopes for that udder
in the show ring,
the judge is looking for capacity,
but yet has to be well attached and perky.

and to all a good night.

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