Tuesday, March 20, 2012

itis's and developing udder

Been under the weather for the last 10 days. I never go to the doctor while it's just a cold but wait until it's turned into full-blown bronchitis. 7 days later went to an UrgentCare, was diagnosed with bronchitis, sinusitis, and laryngitis. Taking Zpack and various other goodies. Ears staying stopped up which is a nuisance.

The last few days,
Mike has been taking care of all the barn chores.
He didn't report
anything new because he never notices anything.

For me, all appears quiet on the homefront.

I go out to the barn last night,
and yet to my amazement...,
ah, these two girls are litter-mate sisters,
but do you see the difference?

One of 'em is getting an UDDER!
Hell, I didn't know she was "knocked up."

me - "Mike, a dairy-goat farmer is supposed to always have an eye out for developing udders."
Back in the house, I look in my goat journal, and see that I've noted a buck breakout back in November
(I failed to write down the date) and that MariGold was the only one I thought was in heat. She's a little young, won't be a year old until June, but at least she is fairly good in size.

MariGold was going to shown alongside Holly as Juniors, but guess she's going in the "Milking" class as
a first freshener.

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DebH said...

I recall having a "buck breakout" one day also, BUT...while the buck was outside his own pen...he DID NOT gain entrance to the girl pen. I still shake my head how it happened, but 5 months later..this adorable little cross showed up out in the girl pen??!! I am still shaking my head...
Hope your taking care and you better be showing Mike examples and making him take the quiz..LOL. Too Funny!