Friday, March 30, 2012

Rhubi has accepted her kids

A beautiful sight, after the C-section, and the drugs have worn off, Rhubi has accepted her kids, and the babies are working Mama's udder. Notice how much larger the buckling is over the doeling.
Contrary to what some ignorant people think, goats like all animals (and humans), need health care.  Some care can be performed at home, and some of the care needs to be performed by licensed DVM's. Prior to getting into goats, folks need to do a lot of studying, buy goats from reputable breeders, and have a  livestock veterinarin on speed dial. 

A good link for general goat health care is:
She primarily believes in a holistic approach which is fine,
however, especially if you are inexperienced,
allow a Vet to followup behind you
to make sure your animals are in top condition.

All livestock need to be checked and treated by Veterinarian's!
Animals have health-care issues, if you have animals, have a Vet!



Flartus said...

Hear, hear! That's great news about Rhubi--gotta love a happy ending.

Dot said...

Well, bless Rhubi's heart! So happy for Mom, babies, & grandparents.

DebH said...

well..I'm tickled Rhubi took her babies. I do have a vet and actually 2 or 3 right here in town, BUT...they are not that experienced in goats. I think I have more experience right now and I read read read...
My girls this year are in such great shape but I always worry worry worry about kidding. The Mother in me

Mary Ann said...

Good for Rhubi! The babies are darling, even the BIG boy! I truly believe in vetting, we even have a camelid vet and are so glad we do!

Charlotte said...

Good advice. I happy Rhubi is good to her kids. One is really a lot bigger. Cute!

Foothills Poultry said...

They are really cute. I hope the little lady will catch up to her brother.