Thursday, March 8, 2012

trip to Vet for injections and fecal checks

We live in western NC, very close to the TN stateline. Our livestock Vet, Mandy Britt, has office hours in Mountain City, TN on Wednesday's and Thursday's. 9 bucks rode on one side of the trailer, 9 does on the other side of the trailer this morning for a couple of injections and fecal checks. $64 total.

One reason I like to keep a small herd is so we can fit everybody in our horse trailer at one time if we have to. There are many reasons that I like to keep a small herd.

Yes, we usually do the injections ourselves but I like picking my Vet's brains every now and then. And I like for her to check fecals. Mandy tested Cherry, Ginger, and Holly, all were clean.

Would like to have a lot less bucks but haven't had any offers from good homes so they just stay with us.

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