Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rhubi had a C-section

Rhubarb was streaming/springing heavy at 9PM Tuesday, we finally saw a bubble at 4:40PM, but nothing after that. The C-section was performed Wednesday 7:45AM.

Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats 

The Vet said it was all Rhuthie's fault, she was blocking the way of her big brother.

standing up for the ride home

We dam raise but she doesn't recognize her babies. I milked her and bottle fed the babies.  After the drugs wear off, hoping she will accept her kids.


aarond said...

I hope she takes them too. We had twin's born this morning too. A funny story, we acquired a stray sheep about a month ago, she has been in with our cattle and she gave birth this morning. I will post a blog later. I joined your blog and hope you will join me to read about my farm girl life.

Charlotte said...

Oh my. I have 3 does that just turned a year and a buck that's 6 mos. So I've had no experience with birthing kids. Glad it all worked out. Do you know why she did deliver them?

They are so cute. Home their mom accepts them. I bottled feed 3 of mine and they are so spoiled.

Mary Ann said...

I realize after this story I may not be ready for this... ever... but those are darling kids!

DebH said...

now I'm freshly nervous again, and my girls don't kid until later in April. YIKES!! I will have to be calling to see if the vet now does that sort of thing?? I may have to be driving 50 miles to a nearest. SO glad all are Ok and here's hoping Rhubi comes out of her drugged state and wants those babies.
Congratulations on the babies!

Dot said...

You & Mike are old hands at this now. (Remembering Sweetpea's C section) Cute babies. Good luck to all of you!

Tammy said...

Hope that Rhubi is recovering well, and that she did recognize the babies as her own. So glad they both were alive too.