Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 sorta summed up

Jan - stomach surgery, morphine, cost $50,000 (luckily I have good health ins)
May - I had the bright idea of starting OUR own concession stand, Mike didn't want me to, however I fronted a scam artist $5,000, (I obviously didn't know he was a scam artist, but of course MIKE knew better - I told ya not to do it - I told ya so) scam artist was finally arrested in Nov, trial date in late Jan '09. (In '07, I had a real estate thing, let's just say I didn't come out in the black, actually I made $10,00o when I flipped the condo BUT after I paid the existing tenant, had to boot her out, her Daddy was a big-time lawyer, because new owners didn't want a tenant, and paid my lawyer off, I was $352 in the hole).
July - Mike and I went on a real vacation, we don't go on real vacations because we don't care about going anywhere but my California cousins talked me into coming to a family reunion, Mike had never flown on an airplane, our cute married couple tenants took care of the critters and away we flew. Played tourists in San Francisco and went to the reunion, had fun, glad to get home. Never stayed anywhere better than home.
July - fresh back from CA, stopped working outside in our yard on the most gorgeous day of the summer to go help the Humane Society get ready for its annual rumage sale (Mike didn't want to go but I had volunteered us. He said, "from now on, I'll do my own damn volunteering). I had been there 5 minutes, said my hello's, starting working, when I slipped under the cherry tree outside and shattered my left ankle, bone on outside shattered, and broke the other bone on the inside. Cost another $50,000 (luckily I have good health ins), a week in hospital after surgery, much morphine and codine, weeks of ankle staying above my heart, portable potty at bedside, out of work on a misly disability income, therapist coming to my house, Mike having to do EVERYTHING, I finally got verticle again. I cried the first time I saw my chickens again (that was pre-goats).
September - cute married couple split up. wife went back to her hometown, husband still with us, cheffing at a local restaurant, they were so cute together and never argued or anything. Mike and I fuss all the time.
October - I ran an ad on our local radio SWAP SHOP asking if anyone had Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats to give me a call. Just a second went by after the announcer put it on the air. My cell phone rang, it was Mike, "we're not getting any damn goats." 4 days later he was driving me to NE Georgia to pick up 3 does from DoubleDurangoFarm Mike loves caring for the goats, wants to move and get more land for the goats. Mike loves drinking the raw goats milk.
November - we went to KidsCorral and bought 2 Nigerian bucks.
December - whew, managed to get through 2008, and I'm still verticle with brain mostly intact. My health ins company wishes I'd fall off a cliff and no where to be found.

photo of: a baby goat, an old goat, and a mama goat


kristi said...

Well, 2009 has to be least your starting off with Nigerians:) Probably should add another goat breed....LOL Are you considered high risk?LOL

Country Girl said...

Holy girl you've had one heck of a year. I chuckled because your hubby sounds a lot like mine and you sound a bit impulsive like me. We are new goat owners this year too.
Happy New Year! ~Kim

Christy said...

Man, what a year! I do hope 2009 is better. I may be getting goats from Double Durango, are you happy with the ones you got from there?

Amy said...

Sounds like a full year to me. I tried to stop and think of the major events of this year and honestly it's all a blur. That might actually be a good thing!

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

I tried to remember my year, it became rather muddy, so I gave up on that thought! So...your husband thought he wasn't going to get into the goats. I have heard that once before! I love the pic of him and goats on the stachion. :)

Heidi said...

BUSY BUSY BUSY YEAR!!! I love the goat picture with the ole goat!! LOL he must be a sweat man! Your package is finally on its way, she is in the mail TODAY!!!
**claps hands** I had to wait for my sis in law to make a batch of somthing else, not soap. She works in Alaska and came home for Christmas so she whipped it up for me!! Sorry it took so long!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You've had quite a year! Thank goodness you had health insurance.....and a hubby who doesn't say "I told you do!"

Deb said...

I'm hoping your New Year's resolutions if for a peaceful, calmer 2009! I do hope the upcoming year is good for both of you and for the world in general.
You can't go wrong with goats right?

Happy New Year!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Sounds like you had an intersting and expensive year.
Hope next year is well, ummm, better.