Wednesday, December 17, 2008

puddle jumper & Rep Foxx

My husband is a puddle jumper. The Wilcoxes have a family trucking business. Because Boone is in the boonies, the big trucking companies don't want to haul freight up the steep, crooked roads to Boone. The joke is - whoever designed the roads to Boone must have been drunk.

So, little Wilcox Freight services the TriCities airport and some of the big trucking companies along east Tenn interstates.

In the last couple of weeks, Mike says you wouldn't believe how many flat-screen TV's he has had to pickup and deliver. Coming in second - treadmills.

We don't have a flat-screen TV or a treadmill. We have an old TV and live on a very steep-dead-end road so... Besides, we're content with the old TV and walking back up that steep hill will give ya a great workout. whew
Guess who took the time to call me today? Congresswoman Virginia Foxx who represents the 5th district of NC. I am very proud to have her representing me in Washington DC, with a lot of peer pressure on her she voted against the bailout mess Part 1 and thereafter, and I sent her an email to let her know I appreciate her and she turned around and called me on her cellphone.

Before she was elected to Congress and was a State Rep, I used to see her at a local gym, she was always on the treadmill reading a thick book.
It's been a few years back but she wrote Mike and I a nice letter when we and HonkyTonk, our gander, appeared on the front page of the local paper.
I think it's a nice touch on the Congresswoman's part to make an effort to stay in touch with her constituents.

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