Wednesday, December 17, 2008

GOG Christmas Lunch

The GOG's [Good Ole Gals] get together once a month at a different location for lunch. Today we went "uptown" (up the big hill) to the Broyhill Inn. We all met each other through the Watauga Humane Society, one way or another.

Dee Dundon was our President for many years, she was the best, and never has stopped working for the homeless animals. Dee will always have a special spot in all our hearts.

Dee, Susan, Dot, Kathy, and Linda

Lyn, Claudia, Jean, Linda, Dee, and Susan

entrance to the Broyhill Inn

Jean, Claudia

Lyn, Barb, Kathy

Susan, Lyn, Barb, Kathy

Mahala, Dee, Dot, Linda, Jean, Claudia, Joanna, Susan, Lyn, Barb, Kathy

Dee, Dot, Linda, Jean

Mahala, Dee, Dot

Susan, Lyn, Barb, Kathy, Mahala, Dee, Dot, Linda

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Wrensong Farm said...

Looks like a great get-together! I love the GOG meaning! :)