Sunday, December 28, 2008

Goats, Spools, and Muck Boots

Nigerian Nougat strikes a pose. I think he should be on the cover of GQ.

On Saturday, Mike and I went thieving on behalf of the goats, we brought home 3 spools from the local cable company. No sign that said you couldn't take 'em. Do these places usually let ya have these spools? or do they reuse them?

The smallest spool went in the buck pen. Notice SweetPea causing trouble.

Dud playing on his new spool.

Dud likes rubbing his back on the spool. Notice SweetPea still causing trouble.

My muck boots.

Mojita needs some muck boots too.


the7msn said...

It's easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission, I always say. And if it's for the greater good of the animals, why not?

Christy said...

Good idea on the spools! I'll have to remember that when we get our goats. They sure are cute.

Sharon said...

The goats are really enjoying those new cool spools you borrowed for them ;)

I just love your blog, I missed a few days visiting you during the Christmas season but I'm back now and ready to watch your farm life again :)

Take Care :)

JK said...

I do believe you may have actually done the cable company a favor. :-)
The spools are generally not reused and are discarded. Less work for them ;-)
Nougat is one handsome fella.

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

You got your spools! I wondered if you had been successful!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Pea and Dud look like they appreciate those spools.
We have a few spools here too. I use a big one in the back yard for my gardening table.
They come in handy all around the farm. My husband uses one in his workshop as a table too.
I like your muck boots. I need a new pair.
Have a great day.

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

They look like they are really enjoying their new spools!