Thursday, December 11, 2008

Petfinder Rescues

just in case anyone is interested -- at PETFINDER put in your zipcode, under ANIMAL click on SEE ALL at BREED, then click on BARNYARD,

Pig (Farm)


Deb said...

I couldn't get to the Petfinder site for some all the animals that you listed need to be adopted? Why? Cows, goats, sheep?
I'll try to check out the site again...

Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

Joanna, I love your smile!

The Scavenger said...

Funny pictures, did you rescue those animals?? I'm almost afraid to look on petfinder, if ya know what I mean. I'd have a yard full no doubt.


Twisted Fencepost said...

Those alpacas (atleast I think that's what they are) are adorable!
And I love the smile in that last picture!!!
It would make my day to go out and see something smiling at me like that.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

I *love*! You're so good to spread the word about this. It is an excellent resource for adoption as well as for finding a suitable new home if one can no longer care for an animal they have.
The site is incredibly user friendly, in my opinion, too.

Sharon said...

I visited the link and ended up doing a search in my area for a pug. My 2 yr old black female pug was stolen while I was in the hospital in June. There is a 2 yr old black female pug in the custody of the local animal rescue now and it looks like my dog with an injured eye. I'll be calling them tomorrow and visiting their pet fair on Saturday morning. I'm praying so hard that it is my lost dog. As soon as I know something more, I'll let you know.

I just wanted to thank you for this link. Thank you! Thank you!

God Bless,