Saturday, December 13, 2008

Buck Pen Upgrade, Bamboo

Was cold, but we finally had a day that we could get out and work. No snow, no wind, had sunshine, and blue skies. Our new Nigerian Dairy Dwarf Bucks, Nougat and MilkDud, were in a temporary pen until we could work on some fencing. Now they're in their new digs, in the future they'll get some fun stuff to jump on. You'll see bamboo in the photo's, we love bamboo fo several reasons, talking about poultry and the goats - makes a great mulch, good to munch on, stays green all year, bends with ice doesn't break, shelter, protection, shade, some leaves fall and good to scratch in. Yeah, you want to control it but that's not nearly a big deal as people make it out to be, root system runs on top of ground. Next year, we're gonna sell it at the Farmers Market.

KidsCorral Milk"Dud" - cute little buckskin

KidsCorral Russell Stover "Nougat", Dud's daddy

Notice Nougat's collar, Christmas bell's

MountainMan in buck pen, with the 3 does looking on. Adding water to the electric waterer's. Faverolle's in the foreground.

Funny - [This is pre-goats and without Mike's knowledge.] Our local radio station has a SWAP SHOP and I advertised that I was looking for Nigerian Dwarf goats. No more had they made the announcement, my cellphone rang to which I heard from Mike, "we're not getting any damn goats." Well, 5 days later I manipulated him once again, and we were on our way to NE Georgia to pick up our three does. :-) Now, he dearly loves the 3 does and we've since added 2 bucks.

From the doe pen looking to the buck pen.

Faverolle girl, Maybelline. Faverolle's only lay eggs when they FEEL like it.

Faverolle's - Early. Cuckoo Marans roo - Dud - Nougat

The bucks house.

Does - Grandma Clara, Granddaughter SweetPea, and Daughter June


The Scavenger said...

Joanna, beautiful pictures, I love the goats and chickens. I would like to grow some bamboo next year, so many uses for it. The goats sure look happy.


Peggy said...

I enjoyed visiting your goats and chickens. You can tell they are well loved. I laughed about your husband saying no goats. Mine did the same with the sheep till he saw them. We just had to give them a good loving home.

Christy said...

Those goats are so precious. I can't wait to get some.

Anonymous said...

Love your pictures! That Faverolle close up is so cute. I love her poofy cheeks! They make me want to squeeze her. I thought about getting a few Faverolles but after hearing about their tendency to get picked on I decided not to. My Plymouth Rocks are some tough gals!

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Nice looking pen and shed the bucks have. Loved the pictures!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Tonia said...

I would love to have some Bamboo here!! I think I need to plant some. Love the chicken and goat pics. I always heard people talk of the Cuckoo Marans but hadnt seen a picture of one.. I would thin I had with all the books I get!!!
Thats to funny about getting the goats. My husband complains about them but the baby in the house is Awww so cute!!(his words!!) lol

Wrensong Farm said...

I love your Nigerians....almost makes me want to have a goat or two again! :) I had to laugh at the "we're not getting any damn goats" followed by getting some....sounds so familiar of the dialogs that go on around here! :)

Sophie said...

I NEED to get some Faverolles. They're sooo fluffy! Goats are cute too... we might be getting some bucks in September to mow down the paddock