Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dorothy Ainsworth

This article is in the Jan/Feb 2009 Backwoods Home magazine. I love reading Dorothy Ainsworth, she's a go-getter! After you read her EATING WELL ON A BUDGET, also look over her website, she motivates me to get off my big butt! :-)

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Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Wow...I am running late on time now, need to eat breakfast (whole wheat bread with peanut butter), grab another cup of coffee, and prepare to feed. I bookmarked the site. I need to do some serious reading! I love sharing these things, there is a lot of good out there. I normally buy just what I need at the moment, but I went and did the stock up thing last month. I bought cans and boxes of healthy things, go-with types of food, and I feel I saved money and plan to do it again. Sort of a re-learning process with everything up so high. Take care.