Sunday, March 15, 2009

MikeDud, Mike, Immersion

Me thinks MilkDud is a happy goat.

Mike has loved on that goat sooo much that Dud now puts his hooves on Mike's lap to be petted. Dud was very shy when we first got him. Dud had his Daddy, Nougat, with him but Nougat died so now it's just Dud until his half brothers are born OR we find a RED Nigerian Dwarf buck/ling for purchase. We'd like a Patches buckling One that looks like her plus she has an outstanding pedigree. MilkDud (and Nougat) came from Kids Corral.

Clara and Dud

Some of you gals talked me into getting an immersion blender. I bought one today and will try it out soon, I'm sure I'm going to like it.


Amy ~ 12 Acres said...

Awww! Dud has such a sweet face. I'm glad he and Mike have made friends and that Dud is warming up to being petted. It's good for a buck to be socialized like that.

I'm so excited for you! You have a fun new kitchen gadget! Gee, where did you ever get the idea to get one of those??? And does this mean you'll be making your own homemade mayonnaise now? By the way, I wanted to tell you that the mayo I made with a whole egg never separated. It held together and there's just a little bit left of it. I plan to make my own mayo from now on using a whole egg instead of just the yolk. If you decide to try it, let me know what you think.

Have fun with your new blender! Try it in soups too!

Flartus said...

Just a word from experience...make sure the blender's fully immersed before turning it on.

No reason... ;)

Christy said...

I love my immersion blender for making soup! Dud looks very friendly. It has been too rainy here to sit with our goats the last few days.

d/iowa said...

did you mean to call it MIKEDUD or MILKDUD? mikedud is hialrious! and dud is so cute. i can't be excited for your gadget since i can't cook.

Mom L said...

The look on Dud's face is priceless - oh, the ecstasy!
And I do believe Mike is enjoying it almost as much!