Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday, beautiful day aaahhhh

I get frustrated with Blogger because I want to tell a story with my photo's and when ya have to load backwards... I get all messed up. Anyway, here is my darling SweetPea with bamboo hanging out of her mouth.

Mike spent his childhood here at the barn, the Wilcoxes always had horses. Mike and his youngest sister showed horses in the ring.

The photo's are backwards from here but wanted to show you a trip over to inlaws, where we will be living, going up the road, etc. Anyway, we start with being at the old barn.

Going up to the barn.

The Wilcoxes own and operate a trucking company.

I wanted this as the first photo in the "trip to the barn" series.

On the way to the Wilcoxes barn, we see another barn. We love barns.

Our 4 goats, get to munch on bamboo Sunday afternoon.

Daughter, SweetPea and Mother, June feasting on bamboo.

Some of my Favies - Salmon Faverolle hens.

I wasn't the only one catching some rays.

Early's comb looks a little frostbitten but his eggs are fertile 'cause I candled some last night.

Mike mulching bamboo. Makes a great mulch.


Peggy said...

I enjoyed the goats and seeing the animals and things around your farm! Since blogger loads photos backwards I have started loading the photos before I post then posting below the photos and click and dragging each photo where I want it. Works easier on my nerves that way.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I didn't know that we could drag, so we can? I've never been able to insert, cut, or paste a photo.

Amy said...

I always enjoy seeing your photo tours Joanna. I can see that Sweet Pea is starting to mature. You can really see it in her face. She looks less like a baby now. The goats made quick work of that bamboo. What do you do with the canes when they are done eating the leaves? I imagine there are tons of uses for the bamboo canes.

And to go along with what Peggy said, yes you can drag the photos around to where you want them once they are uploaded. It isn't easy to work with blogger in some situations. Maybe they'll improve the way photos get uploaded.

Flartus said...

It was a beautiful day, wasn't it? Between the weather and the time change, we were outside so late I don't have time to blog about it!

Continuing the Blogger photo comments...I like to upload them first, because for some reason uploading pictures makes Blogger throw all kinds of extra lines between any paragraphs you've already written. Fixing the spaces is so irritating; I usually have to go into the "Edit HTML" tab to get it right. Grrrr...

The Scavenger said...

Great pictures, I could stand and look at a barn for hours on end. I never tire of them.


Lanny said...

What a wonderful set of pictures. Terrific old barns.

Mom L said...

I love your photos no matter what order they're in. And I can't say a word about it, since I don't blog - I just enjoy other people's work!

I wasn't lucky enough to grow up on a farm, but relatives in PA had farms and I have many fond memories of hanging out there with my cousins.

SweetPea certainly is growing up, dang!

d/iowa said...

i love all the pics and especially sweet pea and her bamboo.
ps- i didn't know you could drag photos either! i have been numbering mine and uploading from highest to lowest number. who knew??????