Monday, March 9, 2009

Scrambled Squares & my tax advice

Mike and I wearing our Watauga Humane Society shirts.

A couple of years ago, Mike and I were on the local television show - Scrambled Squares. Mike was so smart, we won big - $100 and some free meals at restaurants. Wish I could show ya the video 'cause the host kept teasing us about chickens and it turned out fairly funny.

I would like to get Mike on a national game show, so he could win us a bunch $$$$$.
Do you do your own taxes? I've been reading that some of you do. I'm just saying, my CPA pays for herself. Mike and I prepared our own taxes for years and we come out far better getting CPA to do 'em. Just try it one year.

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Amy said...

I didn't know you two are TV celebrities! Wow! Can I have your autographs?

We have an appointment to have our taxes done on Wed. We just bought a house in 2007 and this is the year we finally get to claim the interest. I hope we get a nice return.