Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow, broody hens, CoolWhip confession

I'm hoping this is the last of the snows up here in the NC hills, but March has been a month that gets a lot of snow. I want GREEN, but here's some blue.

After I took this photo's, I broke my camera. Crashed on the tile floor. At the time didn't realize it was dead. Boy, I had a real doozy of a shot set up, Howards Knob in all its glory, when I got the bad news. So, no photo's for a while until I can get a camera. Thank goodness, over the years, the prices have come down on digital camera's.

This puffed-up Bourbon Red turkey hen, Sally, is letting me know that I won't be getting these eggs. She also has EllieMae sitting guard.

The bamboo is leaning over due to snow on its back.

I have a CoolWhip confession - I can eat that stuff by the tubfull. All this snow reminds me of CoolWhip, hey! I gotta go!


Nancy K. said...

ah yes...

I left my old digital outside all night (in the RAIN!). That's how I got my new one.

Hurry back!

Lanny said...

I hate it when stuff breaks, hate it worse when it was my hand that touched it last. Sorry 'bout the camera.

Amy said...

Sally and Ellie Mae look like a formidable pair! I love it when two biddies get in the same nest together. They just look so cute!
I need some GREEN too! I've had enough of winter.

Alix said...

Mmmmmmm CoolWhip. Will it ever cross my lips again? Until I reach my Weight Watchers goal, you can have mine, Joanna.

Your photos always take my breath away. I know it's cold where you are, but gosh those pictures are pretty.

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

More white stuff!