Monday, March 30, 2009

RV inside tour and summary of our plan

Monsoon season has been in effect here for several days. [thumbs down]

RV PLAN B now in effect. The RV is now out of our yard and parked in a full-service campground. Poor Mike had to back the RV all the way back up to the main road. We live on a dead-end road with no turning radius so a couple of friends and I were helping Mike, direct traffic to get it on the road and headed out. No pictures - was pouring rain and stressful.

Actually being at the campground, with the help of experienced folks, has helped us learn a lot about the RV that we'd never woulda figured out ourselves. It will be parked there a couple of months until we can get the land ready up at the barn - some fencing, some gravel, electric, water, etc.

and guess what? we accepted an offer on our house on Saturday. Yeah. The stars are lining up well. Didn't get quite $$ what we wanted but enough to get us out of debt and put few dollars in the bank.

Maybe one day, we'll get a small house built where we are gonna be. Brother-in-law is a contractor. But we'll see, from now on I only want to pay as we go, absolutely no debt whatsoever - the Jackie Clay mentality. In the RV, we'll be self-contained. won't need electric in case we have to do without it.

I'll contine to work at my job away from home to keep some income and health insurance flowing. I'd much rather be able to stay home but... I need to stick with it until I'm 62 years old, 10 years away. We'll be located closer to my workplace once our new facility is completed. We've got Mike's health insurance through my workplace too and the coverage is excellent [and expensive] so better stick with it.

not pictured is the washer/dryer, an important item.

because I like to cook, wish the refrigerator/freezer was larger inside but hope to have a refrigerator in the barn or a future Vet room. We'll be located on my inlaws land, above their house, my MIL does a lot of gardening and canning which I hope to do too. Mike will be able to walk to work, he works for the family trucking business located on the inlaws property.


Wrensong Farm said...

WOW! That RV is super nice. I sure can visualize retiring to something like that!! Thanks for sharing (and helping me remember that retirement isn't TOO far away....)

Teesa said...

Congratulations on accepting the offer! I wondered what happened with that.

Your new RV is great. I hope you really enjoy it.

Our new neighbors will have some BIG shoes to fill.

d/iowa said...

do you have room in there for my mom?

Pat in east TN said...

We lived in an RV with our 2 young sons years back while we were getting our newly purchased land ready to farm and while we built our house. We were in it over 3 years and have many treasured memories of those times. Wouldn't trade them for anything!!

Mom L said...

Diane!!! I saw that! But you said I could move to Iowa, not NC!!!

Joanna, the RV looks so snazzy you must really be in Heaven. Congratulations on the house offer, too. You're on a good path, and I know things will keep falling in place.

Now, if only my sorting and packing for my move to Iowa would go as well!

Nancy in Atlanta

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

It looks comfortable, with some turnabout room inside.

Congratulations on the sale of your home. These days that can be considered quite the accomplishment!