Tuesday, July 14, 2009

daisy of a day

When I got home from work, the goat girls plus Sundance and I went for a little hike. They like walking the roads with me for a little ways then they are afraid to go any further. Although they venture a little more each day.

SweetPea and Gabbi aren't scared though, they'd follow me anywhere.

We checked on the garden, it was looking good, we got a little rain last night.

Franklin followed us for a bit then he decided he needed to get back to his girls.

I stop to catch my breath, steeper than it looks, and the girls like to munch.

Sundance is back in with the girls for a while, when we put he and Deetz in with the other boys, Sundance wouldn't stop crying, he really missed his Mama and 1/2 sister SweetPea. Deetz got along just fine though.

Just FYI - I read recently that the meat goat industry is the fastest-growing animal industry in the United States. I've never tried goat meat but would like to.

Got a zucchini blossom recipe for ya`-
8 zucchini blossoms
1 small log mild goat cheese
1 modest bunch fresh basil
2 eggs (from happy chickens)
1 cup breadcrumbs
sea salt and black pepper
butter or olive oil
Pick the yellow flowers when they’re the length of your finger, and stuff them with a mixture of goat cheese and chopped basil. Don’t get greedy, or the tender flowers will tear. Twist the open end of the blossom so it makes a sealed pouch, dip each one in egg, and roll in a bowl of breadcrumbs, sea salt, and pepper. Sautee the blossoms in a tablespoon of melted butter or oil over medium heat, turning until they brown. Serve ‘em hot.


Flartus said...

Hiking with the goats...shall we call you Heidi now? :) That picture of Sweet Pea & Gabbi is actually a little poignant, knowing their story.

Looks like we may have to buy some zucchini blossoms at the farmers' market this Saturday, now that we have a good recipe for them!! Thanks!

Gizmo said...

We'll have to try the blossoms. They sound really good.
Your girls are so cute. It looks like they're really enjoying the change of scenery and browsing.
Goat meat is FANTASTIC. The best I've had (so far) was roast marinated for around 12 hours in apple cider. It was delicious and fell apart. :)

LDF said...

My Dad used to do squash blossoms like that. Very tasty. I'm enjoying dropping by to see what's happening with your goats.

Mary Humphrey said...

Hello Joanna -

I had an online friend that took daily walks with her goats. I cannot do that here, but would absolutely love to have Cammille and Chameaqua trailing behind me. How healthy for them, for me, and for the soul!

You mentioned meat goats. I have never tried goat meat either, but will some day.

I received an email from a woman that said, "I was going to buy your products until I read that you eat them." I assumed she meant that I eat my goats, I do not, but I do raise meat goats as well as dairy.

I think God gave us some wonderful animals to tend to, and I am happy with that, they do provide wonderful entertainment, affection, milk, and (some goats) meat.

Take care.

Alix said...

Seriously? You walk with your goats? Why do I now envision you with two twirly braids, yodeling in the swiss alps? Why, Heidi, why?

Christy said...

We walk our goats in the evening, but on leashes. It is fun. I had goat meat once, it wasn't very good. But I also had goat milk before we got our goat and it wasn't very good. Our milk is wonderful, so goat meat raised by use might be good too.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! I'm saving that recipe for sure. We just had a fabulously yummy dinner of fresh fried zuchinni. Yummo! That blossom recipe would have been awesome with that, too!

Your flower photo is just stunning. You should consider enlarging and framing that one. It's a keeper!


Mom L said...

I love the idea of the goats strolling along with you! I did try - hesitantly - some goat meat at an Indian restaurant here last year. I felt like a traitor, but it was pretty good. We eat cows and chickens all the time; the animals give to us and we take care of them.

Less than 3 weeks and I'll be living in Iowa!!!

Nancy (still) in Atlanta

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the recipe, sounds great! Loved the pictures, that sure looked like a nice walk with your goats.

d/iowa said...

LOVE the dany pic- and as always the animals too :)