Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our Does and Farmers Market

We shall live in the shade of the
Graceful doe and, living there, shall be
Sustained. We shall walk through
Darkness by her light, with never-
Ending joy.
David Onkinerah - 16th century Salonika

Clara. We have her 2006 daughter June, 2008 granddaughter SweetPea, and 2009 great-grandaughter Gabbi.
I don't know who our herd queen is. If it's Clara, she's not very dominating.

Clara has a good udder.

Clara's 2009 daughter CoCo

Clara's 2009 daughter TootleLu

Caliente (not related to the others)

blue-eyed June, may be our herd queen, she's physically the largest, real serious about her food.

June's 2009 daughter Gypsy

June's 2008 daughter SweetPea

SweetPea's 2009 daughter Gabbi. SweetPea had a C-section and doesn't realize that she had a daughter. We bottle feed Gabbi. SweetPea actually had two daughters but one died just after birth.

Some random photo's from today's High Country Farmers Market. We sold all our eggs again, been doing quite well.

Mango's don't grow up here but this couple has a farm in Florida and transports them here. These are 'Keitt' a Florida selection which has become one of the world’s most outstanding mangos. Excellent eating quality, disease resistance, productivity, and ripening time are some of the features of this four to five pound goliath.

The gal on the left, Holly, has been helping explain goat cheesemaking to me, has been a big help. I really enjoy our group of vendors.

The large item below is jackfruit - jackfruit is something of an acquired taste, but it is very popular in many parts of the world. The sweet yellow flesh around the seeds is about 3–5 mm thick and has a taste similar to that of pineapple, but milder and less juicy.


Nancy K. said...

i finally found a farmer's market today! A nice, big one! I bought a jar of strawberry jam and a jar of peach jam and a 6" potted Rosemary plant and a 6" potted Thyme plant and a Hosta and 2 Lavender plants! Boy, was that fun!


Franna said...

Nice goats and market. I've never heard of a Jackfruit - now I'll have to look.

What is that milker? It looks pretty slick.

- Franna

BlueRidge Boomer said...

If you had stayed on Phillips Gap...gone another 2-3 miles ...over the bridge....around the corner and up the hill....we could have had ice tea on the front porch....Seriously, we can see the tree field behind Fairchild's from the porch and their black dog chases the trucks allllll the time,,,,,


Chickenista said...

I love the milker! You have great goats!!

Deb said...

You have the nicest looking goats :) I love your sweet babies - so glad all of them are doing well.

Aren't the farmer's markets fun? Your eggs are a real hit! Good for you.

Alix said...

Why do I never get tired of looking at your goat pix? I LOVE them!

They are all beautiful, to be sure, but Gabbi steals my heart. I guess that's kind of a natural thing since she is Sweet Pea's daughter.

Thanks for always posting such great stuff.

Mom L said...

I'm so glad you gave me my goat fix this morning. I still feel for SweetPea, the teenage mom. Maybe she and Gabby will at least grow up to be friends together! Congrats on selling out at the market - looks like a fun place.

Nancy in Atlanta

Teesa said...

The jackfruit reminded me of Durian fruit - the stinkiest, smelliest most disgusting fruit ever. But, I just googled jackfruit and it says it is more like mango with a bite. Maybe I'll be brave enough to try it someday, but if it smells anything like Durian...

We need to get out to that Farmer's Market. Maybe I'll remember this week...

Anonymous said...

I love Onkinerah Poem. Beautiful!

I also love Farmer's Markets.
I haven't heard of the jackfruit before. It is interesting.

All the goats are looking good!
Have a great day.

Gizmo said...

Clara's udder is gorgeous! {We goat people find beauty in some of the strangest things...LOL.}
I can't get over how differently CoCo and TooteLu are marked.
All of your girls are beautiful.
Congratulations on the Farmer's Market.