Sunday, July 19, 2009

my cavier, goat-cheese rigatoni, and sweet boys

my cavier - blackberries


We stuffed rigatoni with our homemade goat cheese seasoned with garlic, onion, chives, salt and pepper.

To make the goat cheese, the raw milk is warmed to 80 degrees to provide an environment hospitable for bacteria. I add in some buttermilk and a drop of rennet. I found out that the rennet needs to come from a cheesemaking company such as New England Cheesemaking Supply, the rennet is better quality and keep it refrigerated.

Topped the rigatoni with a tomato sauce. Was awesome! We lapped it up.

At night, we lock up our poultry and goats. This is the poultry pen.

There's Franklin back there.

another shot of Boones

this is a MaggiDans milker

It always breaks my heart when people ask about mean roosters, turkey toms, and bucks. We live in harmony with all our animals. Yes, I've had a couple of roosters that were a little too over protective about their girls, sorta charging behind me, but it never amounted to anything. This is Duffy, a young Wheaten Marans roo. His Daddy, July, was a delight but we found him dead one morning and hopefully Duffy will be like him.

This is Early, a Cuckoo Marans roo, he has never been anything but real sweet and easy. He knows he doesn't have to feel threatened in any way. Like I said, the birds are locked up at night, we have three large security lights on at the barn, Mike checks on everybody before he goes to bed, and our terriers run all night to keep any predators at bay. The dogs are locked in a kennel run during the day and our farm animals free range in fenced areas. So far, so good over here on the 30 acres.

Franklin, our Bourbon Red tom, is such a joy to be around that I get emotional thinking about him. I just love him so dearly. He follows us around and just eats up attention. He doesn't have an aggressive mean bone in his body. He is molting now so doesn't look as stunning as he usually does.

Cahoot and SugarPop. All of 15 our goats are Nigerian Dwarf Dairy.


MilkDud, We pet and hug on all our bucks.

Peggy, a Cuckoo Marans hen

SweetPea and the gang

Our old barn is far from pretty but it certainly serves a wonderful purpose for our animals. Mike built wood floors off the ground and the stalls ar extra large, especially useful when the weather is poor. Does - June, Caliente, SweetPea, and Clara. Their daughters are in the stall next door now so we have full udders to milk in the morning.

front of the barn at night

rear of barn at night


Christy said...

Boones is beautiful! I can't believe how big that udder is! I tried milking my girl only once a day and her udder never got close to that big. Actually, she just cut back how much milk she was making, so I'm back to milking twice a day. I sure hope this is a first freshening issue.

Heidi said...

Boones is a keeper!! but you are making me DROOL with that food lady!! LOL

Lucy and Ethel said...

LOVE your pictures and stories! If life would calm down around here, we'd love to come visit and drool :)


Flartus said...

Glad you're getting some time to hang out with the ark!

We had a handsome Buff Orpington rooster--Sam--who was lovely most of the year. In early summer, he'd suddenly get all feisty and territorial. I'd go inside, put on tennis shoes and jeans, then go out and let him attack my foot, while I gently pushed him back.

After about 5 minutes, he'd be done, and we could both go about our business for the rest of the year. Silly rooster.

He later successfully protected his flock from 2 feral dogs, losing a lot of feathers and a little of his mind in the process. We retired him shortly thereafter, but let him wander the homestead 'til he passed.

Anonymous said...

The rigatoni dish does looks delicious. Makes me want to cook some up, right now!

Boones is a cutie.

Now, I have had a couple of plain ole mean roosters around here. No if and buts about it. Plain mean.

We don't have problems with most of them, but Bad Boy Rooster was an exception. I am enjoying my wicker rocking chair we traded for him though!

Loved all your pictures and your barn is just perfect!
Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

nice post and thanks for sharing...
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Tammy said...

Joanna, This looks like heaven to me. I have so much to learn about homesteading.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am going to spend my evening tonight reading through your archives.

Enjoy the beautiful weather here in our area today!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Those photos of Boones are too cute!!

The goat cheese rigatoni caused my mouth to water and my tummy to gurgle. I can't wait until my doe is bred and we can have our own goat's milk next Spring!