Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4th enjoying the day and rememberin'

Everybody got to partake in the watermelon

While Mike was working on the barn today,

I was babysitting the bucks, and eating artichokes

Mama was from California, so that's how I got on to eating artichokes, Daddy's North Carolina family didn't eat no stinking artichokes. Anyway, some dip 'em in butter but Mama ate hers with mayonnaise. Mama and Daddy have passed but I was remembering them today. Daddy served in the Korean War and I'd hate for him to know that North Korea has been shooting missiles. Daddy was stationed in San Francisco for a while and that's how he and Mama met. I'd hate for Mama to know how much I spent for these artichokes.

What the ----? I want you to look, Gertie's in my mayonnaise.

We don't have the bucks pasture fenced yet so we let 'em run around sometimes, but they stay close by.

SugarPop, forget it, the mayonnaise is all gone.

Whoops, I better start focusing on my babysitting.

Get out of the trailer.

Ok good, back to picking.

I've got us some cake and ice cream for a goodie tonight, we'll watch a few fireworks on TV,

I've got a good book waitin' on me and nite, nite Mama and Daddy, so wish you were here.


Mom L said...

I don't have to wish you a happy 4th - you've shown the pictures to prove you had a good one! I would love to have been sitting out with you, the goats, and the chickens, watching Mike work.

Mine was quiet until just after dark, when I started hearing big bangs somewhere out there.


Christy said...

I love artichokes! I haven't had one in years. I love your goats.

Mount Belly Mama said...

What a perfect day! Our chickens love watermelon too (so do I). Yesterday, we fed them cherries - they like that too!

Happy Fourth!

Mary said...

What a special blog post. Joanna, I just wanted to hug you. It looks like you enjoyed your 4th in your own sort of way. I totally understand, and it looked nice! You worked at home, enjoyed your animals, and all was well.

Wrensong Farm said...

Looks like you had a great 4th! I love artichokes and also dip them in mayo. That pic of Gertie with the mayo on her beak really made me laugh! Thanks for sharing your day!!

Alix said...

Chickens and watermelon? Who knew?

Southern Comfort said...

You had the best company for the
4th. I believe your mom and dad were there in spirit as well. My dad served in the army right after the Korean war and he was stationed there. Your animals enjoyed the watermelons ( and mayo) as much as I would have. It looks like you had a great time.

Amy ~ 12 Acres said...

Yup, there's no peace at the table if the chooks are runnin' loose! I don't even dare walk outside with a sandwich in my hand. They all gang up on me and threaten to mug me. But I am happy that nothing goes to waste around here anymore. Your goats sure are lookin' cute. They get into everything don't they? Smart and so good at problem solving. Sure wish you were my neighbor!

thecrazysheeplady said...

What a nice day. And a nice post. Thanks :-).

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Ooooh! Your photos were so wonderful! The watermelon photos...the mayo and artichokes (I love mine with butter. yummo!), the chickens, turkey, fun!
Tell that hubby he better pull his drawers up, though...I was afraid to keep looking at that photo for fear they'd be falling off! lol!
Nice red barn, though.

(Wow. Goat male parts are almost as big as a goat udder! gah! lol!)

The last photo of your cozy bed. Made me feel sleepy and comforted.

I'm glad your holiday was so wonderful!


Flartus said...

Just trying to do a little catching up here...what a sweet post! Love the picture of Gertie in the mayo; got a chuckle out of that.

Bet your folks are happy to be remembered by you. I like to remember my Grandma the same way; how soon they are forgotten.