Tuesday, June 30, 2009

HC Farmers Market, dishes, etc

sights from the High Country Farmers Market this past Sunday

goat cheese, and the best I've ever tasted

I surprise myself sometimes. When we moved, I thought I would really miss my electric dishwasher and whined to Mike about it several times. All of a sudden, I just love washing dishes, I find it so relaxing. I use the good-smelling with conditioner liquid. I especially enjoy washing the dishes after I have milked my does and bottle fed Gabbi, and come in and clean up everything.

As far as machinery, the washing/drying combo is just the best. Would never have separate units again. Just Mike and I so we don't need a large capacity washer though like some.

Mike gave MilkDud a summer haircut. First time for giving a goat a haircut and it looks pretty good, Dud's cool anyway.

Mike turned 55 on Sunday and here he is with his parents and SIL's dog, Cain. Inlaws are babysitting for Cain while SIL is gone to the beach.

My blog heading is about homegrown foods and yet here is a store-bought cake. After the Farmers Market on Sunday, I let Mike pick out a cake and some ice cream in the grocery store and then I did cook a meal for his birthday that evening. The store-bought cake was sorta tasty.

three male goats on the their roof.

Mike has been working with Cahoot, trying to get him in a show stance, keeping him brushed.

Showing off Clara's udder again.

Got cucumbers planted in this old cattle feeder.

Although we don't have the severe heat up here that I hear others talking about around the nation, (only low 70's today), we keep plenty of fresh water available for the animals.


Alix said...

I would dive head first into all those cups of goat cheese. And the cake? Yum. I almost forget what cake tastes like. Have a piece for me?

And that sweet little Cahoot. How handsome is he? You raise beauties.

Christy said...

I know I'm on a farm too, but I'm so jealous of your place. It is all so wonderful. I'm particularly jealous of that udder! I do think our wether steals a lot of our milk though.

DebH said...

Oh my what an udder!!! you do have nice babies!!

Mom L said...

Is there a window over your sink? Can you look out at the goats and chicks while you're washing dishes? If I could do that, I wouldn't mind washing, either.

I think of your goats daily, as Emma jumps on top of and into the pile of empty boxes in my living room. The boxes are waiting for me to pack more stuff!

Nancy in Atlanta (not much longer)

Claire said...

Clara's udder is HUGE! Poor girl - I think it must be heavy to carry around with her all the time. Love the pics of Cahoot!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Some chickens lay "easter" eggs, yours have easter buckets :-D

Anonymous said...

The Farmer's Market sounds like my kind of place. I would love to sample the goat cheese.

Happy Birthday to your Mike.
My husband had a birthday yesterday.

Please send some of your cool weather this way! It is still in the high 90's today, which is cooler than the 101 we had yesterday.

Have a great weekend.