Friday, June 26, 2009

I call her Dinky

and below you see why

that little, mini udder of SweetPea's gives us 1/2 c of milk per day. We don't care, we're not running a business here, and she's family. She had a c-section on Memorial Day and doesn't even recognize that Gabbi is her daughter although Gabbi knows that SweetPea is her Mama. We're still bottle feeding Gabbi store-bought cow and homegrown goats milk.

Goldie, a Salmon Faverolle hen

Caliente gives us 2+ cups of milk each morning. "Dinky" next to her.

Coco is 5 wks old today. She has a bright, pink nose - gotta get a picture of it if she'd hold still. All the kids seem very healthy and energetic and we're learning about preventative measures against illness's which we're taking the precautions. I'm enjoying our goats so much, however, it's much more of a committment healthwise than we knew about going in to it.

and her sister, TootleLu is 5 wks old too

Blogger did it to me again, that photo is upright in my computer. Why have they turned poor ole Franklin on his side?


Amy ~ 12 Acres said...

Poor Franklin. I'm all confused when I look at him pointed up like that!

Teesa said...

I love your photos! I can't wait to bring the kids over to see the new goats. Poor Sweet Pea. I hope she doesn't see what you've posted! :)

DebH said... that is just sweet!! Poor girl, so young and a momma. Been reading your posts and you have done a wonderful job with your girls. You are dedicated and observant and that is most important!! What a lovely bunch you have:)

Southern Comfort said...

I love little Sweet Pea. She is such a young mom, she doesn't even get the idea. But, her little body still makes milk, the way God planned it. She is just precious. And, nothing is cuter than TootleLu.

Alix said...

How sweet! Those little mini udders kind or remind me of myself after losing 62 pounds - but hey - who's complaining.

Flartus said...

TootleLu looks like a mini Holstein with that black & white! Glad you're not holding SweatPea's wee little ta-tas against her. She looks like she many never really grow up. Glad Gabbi has other "moms," and siblings to play with.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Poor Franklin. And Tootle Lu is adorable!

Christy said...

That is tiny udder! 2+ cups in the morning is great though. I usually get 12-14 oz in the morning then 10 in the evening. I'd like to get more milk. It is her first freshening, so I hope to get more her next freshening. And yeah, there is a lot involved in keeping them healthy!

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Blogger messing with your photos too?!

Your animals are always beautiful, healthy, and so well taken care of.

I have full grown nubians that have never put out volumes of milk. A lot of what I have seen is that it runs in the bloodlines. Kind of a toss up. The skinniest ones put out a lot of milk, but I like them fatter and healthier looking.

Mom L said...

They are just lovely young girls. I wouldn't worry about SweetPea's little udder, unless she gets in the RV and raids your kleenex box. I remember a couple of girls in junior high who stuffed their bras to enhance their little selves!

Nancy in Atlanta

Cindy said...

So cute and sweet looking. Great photos.