Friday, June 19, 2009

hanging out Friday

The breeze caught Caliente's ear. I love photographing her. We've only had her a couple of weeks and she's fitting in well.

We had hamburgers and watermelon for supper. All sunshine today for a change, got up to 79 degrees here with a nice breeze. We both had the day off from work, got some stuff done, ate lunch in town, and relaxed. We're gonna make great retired people. Oh, one day.

All 4 does in one photo, if you can see 'em - Caliente, SweetPea, Clara, and June.

SweetPea, buttin' heads with her Mama, June.

My little bottle-feeding girl, Gabbi. SweetPea's daughter. June's granddaughter. Clara's great granddaughter.

Gabbi and TootleLu.

Like her Mama, SweetPea, Gabbi likes to jump in your lap.

TootleLu, Gypsy, and CoCo

SweetPea. Deets and Sundance buttin' heads.

Like I've said, we're real cozy in the RV. Don't know what winter will bring but we love it right now.

When we were shopping for an RV, a kitchen for me was at the top of the list. I like to cook and we like to eat.

2 1/2hrs away in Asheville, just for the day, (gotta sell eggs on Sunday), we're going to our first goat show tomorrow. Not taking any of our goats, just going to observe and learn. The breeder of our bucks, Kids Corral, will be there showing quite a few of their goats. I think we will be seeing a lot of the top-notch breeders because this is a big show.


Chickenista said...

I love how playful they are. Don't they just have cute and different personalities!♥ Your tom is huge! Is it a Broad breasted bronze? Mine can only reach about half that.

Mom L said...

A few months ago you were wondering if you'd ever reach this point! You've settled in beautifully, as have your goats and other farm kids. Franklin, as always, looks awesome.

Nancy in Atlanta

Mount Belly Mama said...

Each photo brought smiles to my face. What a warm and fuzzy life. The goats are so sweet!

Which breed is your favorite?

Flartus said...

Burgers and watermelon sound perfect! We're in the 90s down here in the Piedmont...bleah! Glad you got some sunshine finally.

Love the goats; they look like they're always having fun. What is it about them that makes 'em have to get on top of everything?

The RV looks nice--I noticed the fire-engine red Kitchen Aid in there!

Jennifer said...

Your new doe is a beauty! They all are though. Great pictures, the goats sure look like they are enjoying their new home. I love your RV. We live in a single wide mobile home so it kind of reminds me a little of our place (except yours is much nicer!) I love the kitchen in yours!

Carol said...

Gotta quit reading your blog....makes me want to start raising goats! They are so cute. I used to have a small one as a stall mate for my racehorse. Made the mistake to takeing it with us when we went for grass. After that it followed any horse going by.