Sunday, June 7, 2009

HeritageHomestead Goat Cheese, etc

The best goat cheese that I've ever tasted is sold at my High Country Farmers Market. Heritage Homestead Today, she didn't have as many flavors as she usually does (didn't have my Orange/Cranberry/Black Walnut but still had a good selection. I bought the Garlic/Chives for me and the Fiesta for Mike.

A coworker Louis and his wife, Grace, stopped by an bought a dozen eggs from us. Thank you!

Caliente and her boys, Cubby and Boones, were doing better today, getting used to a new home. I'll be glad when that green tattoo ink wears off of 'em.


thecrazysheeplady said...

Thanks for explaining the green. I saw that on another blog too this morning and didn't have a clue what it was for.

Mom L said...

Sure wish I lived near you and your market. I'd love fresh farm eggs and I still have to try goat's milk cheese! Caliente and the boys do look like they're right at home now.

Nancy in Atlanta

Southern Comfort said...

There's nothing better than a Farmer's Market! I always buy lamb empanadas, pineapple cream cheese spread and a toffee cookie. If I were at the one you told us about, I would definitely buy some of your eggs. The goat's ears really catch your attention. I bet they don't even care though.

Jennifer said...

LOL! Sorry but I had to laugh at the pictures of your goats with green ink all over them. Only because I know what it is like, I can tattoo one goat and it doesn't take no time until it seems like the whole herd is covered in green ink! The stuff spreads somehow or there is something about it that makes a goat want to rub it all over himself and all of the other goats in his pasture. Your new goats are real lookers for sure, very nice looking ink and all!