Monday, June 15, 2009

High Country Farmers Market

High Country Farmers Market in Boone, NC
every Sunday morning from 10AM-2PM
located in EarthFare's parking lot (off to the side)

Roberta, the Ameraucana, watched as we departed for the Farmers Market. She's planning to jump the fence again while we're gone. Thinks she's so clever but gonna get herself killed.

Why does this sideways thing happen sometimes? It's vertical in my computer. Anyway, one of the vendors sells daylillies and I bought 4 large bags of assorted colors in clumps which will be planted tomorrow after the gravel man leaves. Yes, getting more mud covered up tomorrow.

Across from us, Jill and Steve sell lots of greens.
We got a slow start, but sold out of our eggs again. We average taking only 8 dozen a week to the market, would be more though if we found all the hiding places in the barn. Yes, we have nest boxes but... 8 dozen x's $3.50 helps to pay for the poultry feed and supplies. We're getting inquiries for our turkey eggs which we have to start putting one or two in each carton again. We'd been saving and selling them for hatching eggs. We only have 3 turkey girls but need for 'em to get busy.


Nancy K. said...

I LOVE daylillies! They are so hardy and dependable. Mine keep coming back, and even spreading, in spite of ongoing assaults by nasty sheep...

Gizmo said...

Those girls think they're so smart....Hope she gets YOUR smarts real soon!
Daylillies - they're so beautiful. Can't wait to see your new lilly bed.
I wish my girls would get with the program, and start paying for themselves too. :)

Flartus said...

I've had that sideways problem too. I suspect Blogger "reads" the dark and light areas and orients photos the way it sees fit. There are a few things about blogger's editing program that drive me buggy, like the extra blank lines that appear and disappear.

Glad the girls are helping pay for themselves. Growing up, our flock wasn't very productive; any extra eggs we'd just give to the neighbors. People said, "How great, you get free eggs!" and Dad would say they were the most expensive eggs he'd ever had!

I need orange said...

Sideways -- it's probably that your computer is lying to you.

Depending on which software you use to look at pics on your computer, it may show you the pics "right side up."

Blogger shows them the way they were saved to your hard drive.

When they com up from the camera, they will be in whatever orientation you took them.

If you edit them, and save a vertical version, they'll be vertical when they hit blogger, but otherwise, they'll probably be sideways.

Though that doesn't explain your pic that *ought* to be sideways but is vertical........