Saturday, June 27, 2009

while the sun shines

make hay

our trailer sure comes in handy
fresh-cut hay is beautiful

we bought it from a once-upon-a-time dairy

some folks leaving out ahead of us, they bought hay for their pygmy goats. Square bales are harder to find, many bale up the large round ones used for cattle.

stopped in for a cold drink

on the way back home

this evening, my friend Carole came over. At our house you don't get served a mixed-drink cocktail but goats milk.

Mike and I once fostered her dog Luigi so it was nice to see him a again too. We took Luigi in, and then Carole saw him and fell in love with him. Carole and I are Humane Society friends from way back.

I grilled some burgers, sliced some watermelon, and then we toasted with goats milk.

another burn pile

Remember the "Dinky" udder from yesterday? well this is June's udder from this morning.

and Caliente's udder

and now ta-da! Clara's udder


Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Joanna, Sweet Pea has a nice udder.

I love the smell of hay, and I agree, it s beautiful.

No cocktail, only goat milk? Well, that is the best, isn't it?

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

I meant to ask, how do you like your EZ Milker? I have thought about having one around just for the power outage days. They are growing more expensive! I remember the first time I saw one, wasn't even an ad yet. My arms and hands (carpel tunnel) have a difficult time milking out goats, even though I really would prefer hand milking. The tinier the teats, though, the more difficult the job, as you know!

Mom L said...

Thanks for taking us on the trip with you; I especially enjoyed the view on the way home!

What magnificent udders the older gals have - I know SweetPea will be just fine the next time around. Or will the Caesarian this time prevent you from breeding her?

Nancy in Atlanta

BlueRidge Boomer said...

There's a lot of cutting,raking and baling activity going on in our area......stopped at that store many times!!!


Christy said...

Those are HUGE udders! Aurora's isn't anywhere close to that big. I hope it gets bigger next freshening. I often don't know if it is worth milking her for the amount we get.

Teesa said...

wowza! Don't you just love Boone? Seeing your pictures just reminds me again of how much I love it here. The hay really is pretty.

We didn't make it to the market today. Maybe we'll see you again next week - everyone's still adjusting to each other and I'm a little under the weather. Hope you sold a lot!

thecrazysheeplady said...

That's a great picture of the hay - close up. What fabulous colors!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! Those are some hefty udders giving you lots of milk, too.
No cocktails, eh? Can you at least make my goat's milk into a spiked eggnog, with nutmeg, too, please? heheh!

Lougie is a cutie. We had a poodle that looked just like him when I was a little girl. So cute.
How cool that you are involved with the Humane Society, too. I volunteered for the SPCA for a few years before I had my kids. I really enjoyed it. Looks like you've got a special friend there, too.

Your pictures were great. I giggled at that old timey gas station with the motorcycles. Those are the best kind of gas stations...more personal.

And oh yes...nothing like green fresh hay.