Thursday, June 25, 2009

a Honest Scrap

just a side note - please watch Wynonna's exercise video from 7MSN Ranch

I received the Honest Scrap Award from Gizmo Quilts. I don't know what honest scrap means but thank you, must be a good thing. :-)

I'm to list 10 [honest, I suppose] things about me.
1) I just love homemade things.
2) Been a North Carolina resident all my 53 years. Born and raised in Raleigh, lived in Boone the last 25 years. Followed my folks up here when they semi-retired.
3) Parents are now both deceased and were my best friends. I am an only child and never had maternal instincts for human children (and never got knocked up).
4) Strong maternal instincts for all animals, I've got grizzly-bear-mama mentality about protecting critters. Love photographing my animals.
5) Favorite color is all things red/rose/coral etc.
6) I have several denim jumpers, large front pockets a must, and that's about all I wear with tie-dye tshirts.
7) I rarely wear my wedding ring because I don't care to wear any jewelry. No makeup, no hair dye, no tattoo's, absolutely no panty hose, just not for me.
8) I love reading about strong women in rural life. My hero is Jackie Clay. I just ordered the recommended book by Punkin's Patch - A Country Year. Subscribe to magazines - Mother Earth News, Dairy Goat Journal, Backwoods Home, Countryside, MaryJanesFarm and a few more that don't come to mind at the moment.
9) Although I have a good job away from home, sure wish I could afford to stay home and spend more time with my goats, chickens, dogs, cooking, gardening, reading, walking, doing nothing, etc.
10) I love it when my husband, Mike, and I have days off together, we like to hang out.
and one more
11) I really appreciate reading blogs especially the ones I read regularly, I really enjoy keepin' up with ya. Because I have become quite withdrawn the last few years, just not an outgoing people person, thank you for the companionship, I cherish it more than you'll ever know.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading all about you. We have a lot in common.

I have grizzly bear mama instincts about my critter babies too!
Living in a very rural area I also love the blog world companionship.

Have a great day.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Congrats on your award....

Tryed to e-mail you but, the internet here has been acting-up for the last few days.....

Old building is on Nettle Knob Road off of Hwy 163 in West Jefferson.....what you don't see in the picture is the sign..that reads..."Blue Ridge Manor.....all welcome"

How's Gabbie!!??.....Enjoy...LindaMay

BlueRidge Boomer said...
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Mom L said...

And I really enjoy keeping up with your farm life!

Nancy in Atlanta (got more packed today, thanks to a friend's help)

Nancy K. said...

I've also withdrawn considerably in the past few years. Not complaining! I've come to treasure being alone. Not that I'm ever really alone, with all of my animals! But I also treasure my sheepie friends and consider my blogging friends "FAMILY". That includes YOU.

Alix said...

And I love reading YOUR blog. Congratulations on your award. And thanks for the fun honest facts about yourself. Most of them I knew, some I did not.

Love you more than ever now.

Flartus said...

I know what you mean about wanting more time with your place & family. I've always enjoyed just sitting in the grass and watching the birds & whatever goes by. Working full-time makes me forget to slow down to do that.

One of these days, we'll have to head up your way and check out the new of these days.

Would love to see a pic of you in your denim & tie-dye!

Flartus said...

Oh, and I should mention...I've honored you in my Blog Awards Extravaganza. C'mon by and check it out!