Thursday, June 18, 2009

shoes and radio shows

I bought a pair of shoes today. Asics Gel Kayono 15 Womens. They feel good. Although I stay so busy working at home and in the barn, plus working my desk job away from from home, I need to get to walking every day. I've got a doctors appt mid-August and I promised my doctor that I'd lose some weight before I came back next time. I know, I need to lose the weight for me, but she is a big, nagging motivator.

It's continued to pour the rain especially the last two days but it's bound to clear up sometime.

Keen Laguna Sandals. I have two pairs of the zip-up Keen Palermo boots which I love but the hiking shoes and the sandals just don't seem to fit my feet very well. I bought the pair up top but now that I've been wearing them, I don't think I'm gonna like 'em much. Many of the gals up here wear the Keen sandals and tell me they feel so wonderful but I don't know, not enough cushioning for me.

Speaking of needing to save money, sitting at my desk during the days, I like listening to talk radio especially Dave Ramsey and Clark Howard who give you money-saving, debt-free advice. I think both of them are intelligent and show a lot of common sense. It's because of them and Jackie Clay, that we are living on inlaws 30 acres in an RV right now. :-) The RV is quite comfy for Mike and I btw. People say, "are y'all crazy, living in a camper trailer?" We probably are, but it's been fun so far. If there are some radio shows that you like listening to through your computer, let me know, I'd be interested.

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